Computer Furniture

The best place for expensive technology: Computer desks and workstations. It gives computers, printers, laptops and other peripheral devices a convenient, safe and tidy corner. And it gives you more space on your desktop. And the right accessories make the cable clutter vanish. They turn work into a pleasant experience.


While we might all have long since grown out of the age when our mothers commanded us to clean up, there's one thing she said that still echoes in our minds: getting organised is half the battle.

What the other half is could be a matter of contention, however at work, well organised workstations are a means to an end – so you don't need to spend all day looking for form X or order Y. Is today's PC furniture the proof that other mothers were right? It could well be. Above all, however, they are practical – practically indispensable.

Cable spaghetti doesn't have calories, but is still unhealthy

Employee health also plays an important role in the Workshop product range offered by kaiserkraft. And spaghetti doesn't belong on a desk. When all work equipment, PCs and printers can be tidily stowed away in suitable PC cupboards and workstations and power strips can be found in strategic locations, then there won't be any more tripping hazards lying around either.

Remember: it doesn't matter how cordless the technology becomes – there's always a cable at the end of the transmission chain. And unfortunately, those cables are often in the way. An obstacle course like this is easy to clear out of the way with computer workstations for workshops and industrial use. Your company's balance sheet will be pleased too, as you won't have to keep buying new devices all the time just because someone accidentally pulled them off the desk.

Another tangible benefit: computer desks and workstations for all sorts of different areas of the company provides a good opportunity for your employees to keep moving around. When using workstations for standing work, you can do a few squats or stretching exercises while typing away. And anyone who pushed a PC trolley through the workshop is giving their arms a workout. And no-one's mother would object to that.

What's true in the workshop is, of course, also true of the office: a computer desks and workstations should be as flexible as possible despite all the exertion of concentrating on work, and it should adapt to its environment and to the employees. At kaiserkraft, we've got more than just the one idea ready for you!

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