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Steering rings

Turntable steering mechanisms need a steering ring as a connection between the vehicle frame and bogie. It needs to be able to withstand all sorts of loads. It is all the more important that the steering ring is high quality in order to prevent wear. In short: just like the steering rings in our product range!

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Spare parts for your fleet: steering rings
On multiple axle vehicles with turntable steering, steering rings form the part of the front axle to which the drawbar has a moving connection. Steering around corners is made possible by simply pivoting the rigid axle – and steering rings ensure the necessary turning capacity. Over time, the components are subject to a certain level of natural wear. This is why our webshop includes high quality steering rings in the wheels and castors category, along with all the other spare parts. These ensure long term usability of the transport equipment at your company, and therefore ensure uninterrupted flow of goods transport.

High quality steering rings from specialists
Here in the webshop you will find, for example, high quality ball bearing races. These are available in different versions with different axial load bearing capacities and dimensions for transport equipment with top speeds of 30 km/h. For models with a diameter of less than 500 mm, four to six screws are therefore required per flange for assembly, and when the diameter is larger, then at least eight are necessary. Please note: in relation to flange diameter and the inside diameter of the upper ring, the components with a surface primed in black are subject to manufacturing tolerances. The flange rings for the steering rings made by KAISER+KRAFT are designed without bore holes, and the steering rings feature two steel rings with ball bearing races. Furthermore, they are equipped with precision steel balls and lubrication nipples. Overall, attention must be paid to the ease of movement of the steering rings. Use high quality steering rings from our webshop to ensure that your transport equipment is always ready for use and that the transport of goods at your company always proceeds without problems!