Bags and packaging for a wide variety of uses – this is where you’ll find everything you need for packaging, filling, presentation and mailing: the range starts with practical pressure seal bags and stand-up pouches, and extends to bubble wrap bags and tubular films. Purchase packaging bags here in our online shop now!

Packaging bags: the versatile solution for a variety of packaging requirements

Packaging bags are the all rounders when it comes to packing and wrapping: they can be used for order picking parts, keeping goods fresh, keeping things tidy and, above all, ensuring security when products are being sent by mail.

Which pouches and packaging bags are available?

We place great importance on safety and quality – but also on ease of handling. In addition to the classic standard bags, we also stock sustainable alternatives made from recycled materials, organic plastic or paper within our wide range:

  • Resealable pressure seal bags for small items and spare parts, accessories, documents, fabrics or food provide optimum protection from dust and moisture. Bags with a labelling field ensure fast identification of the contents because of the clear labels on them. A slide seal allows your products to be sealed in bags quickly and airtight, which also makes them ideal for travel by air!

  • Open flat bags are ideal for order picking, grouping items and for storage. Flat bags keep things well organised in the warehouse, provide dust and surface protection, and can be sealed in no time at all using cable ties or adhesive tape. Lightweight bags with a film thickness of 25 µm are ideal for storing small parts and spare parts, as well as for dividing food up into individual portions. Flat bags with a film thickness of 50 µm can be used to package, protect and present documents, leather goods and fabrics. Bags that are 100 µm thick are the perfect choice when it comes to protecting sensitive goods from dust and moisture in the warehouse.

  • Food bags and thermal pouches ensure compliance with the cold chain by stabilising the temperature when sending food, pharmaceuticals and other sensitive goods.

  • Bubble wrap bags provide an optimal layer of protection when sending goods sensitive to impacts and storing them in the warehouse. Thick bags made of 3 layer LDPE film provide excellent cushioning that protects flat items such as frames or notebooks. Placing multiple products in one cardboard box to mail them? 2 layer bubble wrap bags allow several items to be sent in one and the same parcel.

  • Paper bags are a modern and sustainable solution for packaging and storing food, spices or samples of goods. A sturdy box bottom or cross bottom and the tear resistant kraft paper used to make the bags also allows them to be used for heavy vegetables and fruit.

  • Tubular films for use with film sealing devices for goods with different lengths and geometries make it easy to package items with a perfect fit.

  • Side gusset bags and crate covers for lining cardboard boxes or mesh pallets are the optimal way to transport items of any size.

Buying packaging bags: how do I choose the best bag?

This depends, first and foremost, on what you need to package: legal regulations apply for food and fresh produce, and not every bag made of film can be used for them. In general, however, the following holds true: if your product needs protection from dirt, moisture or impacts, alternative products made of film are recommended. Paper bags, on the other hand, are visually appealing and give the customer the impression of sustainability and ecological awareness.

Generally speaking, a good fit is the most important factor. Small parts should not slip around in the bag and thereby damage other items in the parcel. Important documents cannot be bent in a DIN bag. Bubble wrap bags can only provide optimal protection when they fit perfectly around the item being packaged.

To ensure that your goods arrive not only intact, but also that the packaging doesn’t blow your budget, we have compiled tips and trends on the topic of packaging for you. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.