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Make things easy for yourself: move heavyweights using our machine jacks! In operations involving transporting heavy goods on an everyday basis in particular, lifting equipment is an essential item. By using our machine jacks, you can lift and position goods safely and easily – manually or hydraulically, vertically or horizontally.

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Hydraulic jacks: bulky loads? A walk in the park!

From a logistics point of view, progress can be seen in the increasing weight of modern machinery and equipment used in production and in workshops. Comforting to know that transport equipment and hoists are keeping pace with this development! Machine jacks may look tiny in comparison but they are enormously powerful. And you can use them in many company areas.

What are the different versions of machine jack suitable for?

Lifting equipment are beneficial because they combine the correct force with the correct safety and versatility for the particular requirement. And they display their capabilities not just in vertical movement but also when transporting from A to B.

Lifting devices with hydraulics are sensitive powerhouses that move heavy machines and equipment accurately, safely and with little effort to the position needed.

You can combine lifting devices without hydraulics with separately available pumps to increase the safety clearance to the particular load and make operation even more comfortable. The jack itself is compact and can be used practically anywhere.

With crank and spindle winches you have to use your own effort to reach the right height. However, due to their narrow construction and greater overall height, they are suitable for supporting and balancing out higher-level machine extension arms. If you want to secure trailers or containers, it's best to use modern trailer supports.

If objects not only need to be lifted with the heavy device but also moved to another location, we recommend furniture movers or twin lifters. They are designed for heavier cupboards, safes and similar loads with straight edges. They employ easy lifting through hydraulics and offer smooth running rollers that overcome the distance as effortlessly as the weight.

When are hydraulic jacks suitable for use?

When it's a matter of optimum force transmission with a smooth lifting movement, then hydraulic jacks are needed. They are used for balancing, positioning and raising heavy machinery, when millimetre precision is also required.

They offer the great advantages of steady, and hence safe, lifting and lowering and compact design. When looked after correctly, the hydraulics are also extremely low maintenance.

If you need even more flexibility, you should opt for hydraulic jacks that you can use both vertically and horizontally.

When are suction lifters suitable for use?

Machines and goods made of steel and metal are heavy yet robust. But what about transporting glass? Panes of glass are also very heavy but it's extremely difficult to move them safely with machinery.

Here it's best to do things manually and rely on a suction lifter. With a click, this provides a carrying handle for glass and other goods with a smooth, gas-tight surface.

And don't forget: strategically clever positioning on the object to transport – raising simultaneously – transport problem solved!

What does KAISER+KRAFT also supply for transporting loads?

It's not only really heavy objects that require the use of our range of machine jacks and transport equipment. Even an office cupboard or small safe can be a feat of strength if you're making rearrangements or moving.

Travel jacks are the smart solution for this and consist of two separate roller units with lifting rod. You place the rollers under the object, raise the mechanism and let the load glide along the office corridor.

We're constantly expanding our product range and would be pleased to hear your suggestions. If you have any questions please talk to us personally too.

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