Boltless shelving units

Boltless shelving units are ready for use much more quickly than you would think. These practical storage shelf units are assembled in no time at all. And when it comes to safety and stability, they can hold their own against bolt-together shelving units.

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Boltless shelving units: Others can make it complicated!

In warehouse logistics, what is sufficient today can be needed tomorrow in a different way. We recommend boltless shelving units so that you can always meet all your storage needs ''just in time'' and ''just in place''. Because they offer many advantages for the latest logistics requirements.

Plugging in or screwing: What advantages does a boltless shelving unit offer?

The plug-in connection of these shelving systems, which can be installed without tools, saves you a lot of time and effort, which pays off at the latest where your storage requirements and structure change more frequently.

Boltless and modular shelving units can be effortlessly moved, extended, rearranged or otherwise aligned. This makes them particularly indispensable for use in buffer warehouses or high throughput warehouses for goods and tools. Because you also have the opportunity to quickly implement additions such as boxes and drawers.

In terms of purchase, boltless shelving units are somewhat more expensive than bolt-together shelving units because the connections are more complicated to produce. However, this higher price pays for itself quickly in workshops and industry, precisely because you reduce working and downtime during reorganization and expansion. This flexibility also makes boltless shelving units the ideal candidate for the office.

In terms of stability, high quality and load-bearing capacity, however, both connection variants are the same. The plug-in connection is simply a modern further development of the screws. For this reason, boltless shelving units can also be used as heavy-duty shelving units.

How do I find suitable modular shelving units?

The subject of loads is one of the most important selection factors, covering not only the stability and purpose of use, but also the safety of the shelving units. Always calculate with your current need for load-bearing capacity, but calculate generously for the future. This saves you cost-intensive new acquisitions or early extensions.

And don't forget to request labels and stickers for the shelving unit when ordering – once for organisation, once for safety. If you have any questions regarding the optimal furnishing of your warehouse with shelving units etc., please contact us personally.

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