Sunshades are a must-have in the outdoor areas of a company. The cool provided by the shade is a comfortable place for your employees to spend their break and recharge their batteries for the rest of the day. Take a look at our products and see for yourself!

Parasols & Sunshades: ideal protection from sunlight and heat

Summer, sun and – sunshades: your employees will be more motivated and work more effectively if they can spend brief periods relaxing. And this, of course, is best done outdoors in summer. After all, fresh air and daylight really get the body and soul going strong. Remember to take care: too much sun and heat will have exactly the opposite effect! Sunshades provide cool shade and plenty of protection from the sun – just as well that kaiserkraft has exactly the right equipment for your outdoor areas.

Key criteria when making your decision

Not all sunshades are made the same! And everyone who buys one has different expectations. That's why we have put together the key criteria to consider when making a purchase,ensuring you'll find exactly the product you want quickly and easily.

Sturdy parasols stands

  • Start by putting some thought into whether you need a mobile stand with castors or a particularly stable base.

  • Make sure the material is a hardwearing and weather resistant one, such like zinc plated steel.

  • Tip: for a particularly special floral backdrop, it's best to use a combination of sunshade stand and planter pot – giving you shade and flowers at the same time.

Straightforward opening and closing

Pay attention to how to open and close the sunshade. There are different mechanisms such as sliding locks, rotary handles or even pull cords. Which method do you prefer?

Covers and protection

Covers for sunshades protect the fabric from weather conditions such as rain, ice and cold. This keeps them clean on the one hand, and ensures you'll enjoy years of use on the other hand.

Other equipment features

Sunshades are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours. Start by putting some thought into the design that best suits your company, and which requirements the sunshade should satisfy. For example, there are sunshades available with a hinge that allows the sunshade to be adjusted to the position of the sun in no time at all.

Everything for outdoor areas!

Why not round off the equipment in your outdoor area with other products from our online shop? How about planter pots, for example, to decorate the company premises with some attractive greenery? Did you know that people recover from stress faster when they are out and about in nature? Apart from this benefit, plants do, of course, also make an excellent screen to protect you from curious glances or as a way to divide up different areas. We will be happy to advise you!