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We can provide you with all kinds of measuring devices: thermometers, voltage testers, moisture meters, mould and gas detectors, to name but a few.

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Measuring tools and instruments: it's best to be spot on!

In many areas, going by the rule of thumb is adequate. But in a professional operation with numerous sources of danger and safety requirements, this is not acceptable. Here you need precise answers to questions such as ''Is electricity flowing here?'' or ''Is the temperature correct?''. You can get answers to these questions with measuring devices from kaiserkraft.

When do I use which measuring tools from kaiserkraft's product range?

If you don't wish to rely on feeling alone and need to precisely determine ''invisible'' factors, then measuring devices are the only solution. This is the case particularly with potentially hazardous measurements such as for electricity, gas releases and temperature changes.

The measuring devices in our range that you should consider mainly depend on your industry and everyday company operations:

  • In many industries, thermometers are relevant for maintaining cooling chains as well as quality, safety and product tests.

  • Electrical measurement devices play an important role in construction, installation, in trades, in repair work and when maintaining building services. An office toolbox should also include a voltage tester.

  • Special products such as moisture meters, mould detectors and gas detectors are advisable for hazard assessments and in sensitive production environments.

  • Thermal imaging cameras and rangefinders are suitable for universal use.

How do measuring tools work?

All measuring devices operate on the same principle: an analogue measurement sensor records the object being measured based on its physical characteristics. A lux meter for determining the brightness of a light source uses a light sensitive diode. The modern thermometer consists of a conductive sensor whose electrical conductivity changes when the temperature changes.

The information measured is converted digitally and output in various display formats.

How do measuring tools indicate the measured value?

Measuring devices usually show the result in figures on an LCD or LED display. This has the advantage in that you can directly read, document and compare the actual status. In some cases and with some special measuring devices, the absolute value alone is not sufficient. In particular with devices that should flag up a hazard, acoustic signals are the optimum addition or alternative.

This applies to voltage testers, for example, that show clearly whether the electricity has really been switched off, or to gas detectors that quickly report incidents so that you can take countermeasures rapidly.

If you wish to understand the course of a measurement or you're trying to find the best position for fixing an object on the wall, then scales, traffic light indicators or min-max values are useful, such as can be found on many multimeters, for example.

Test devices: what risks are involved during use?

Measuring devices are there to minimise risks. You use an electrical socket tester, for example, to test your power strips instead of just hoping that they are working properly. Many measuring devices also offer you the benefit of contactless sensors so that you're not even putting yourself in any risk whatsoever.

Ultimately, what mainly counts are the conclusions you draw from the measurement result. The risk doesn't arise from the use.

Why and how often should you calibrate measuring devices and test devices?

Modern measuring devices have a small deviation rate – this is only true, however, if they are in good condition and properly calibrated. Imprecise results are usually due to impacts, components being moved or a maximum value being exceeded.

We would be pleased to assist you personally in any other questions regarding measuring devices from kaiserkraft.

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