Hazardous goods labels

Hazardous goods require hazardous goods labels to GHS standards for storage and transport. You will find all signs for your containers, cupboards and means of transport here.

Hazardous goods labels: Renewed for clarity

Just a few years ago, the signs used for hazardous goods were confusing. There were special national features and different hazard symbols for the transport and handling of hazardous goods. That's over with the new hazardous goods sign. Now the warning is universally understandable, the conduct when handling them is clearly specified and safety in the company has been increased.

Which guidelines apply to hazardous goods signs?

The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for the classification and labelling of chemicals has established a globally valid set of signs for the transport, storage of hazardous materials and handling of hazardous goods.

This system has greatly facilitated the classification of hazardous goods, streamlined the classification process and thus also made the labelling process clearer. For example, on a safety and transport container, there are no longer any conflicting or redundant hazardous goods signs, as was once the case.

In principle, the conditions for safe identification in the company have remained the same. You should therefore observe, for example, the Technical Rules for Workplaces ASR A1.3 ''Safety and Health Labelling'' and DGUV Information 211-041 ''Safety and Health Labelling''.

It is also worth taking a look at our guide to recognition ranges. It specifies the sizes and positions to be observed for safety symbols and signs.

Which hazardous goods signs exist and which are new?

The classification has a total of 28 hazard classes, of which 16 refer to physicochemical, two to environmental and ten to health-related aspects. A total of nine different symbols are assigned to these classes. New hazardous goods signs supplement the already familiar pictograms for environmental hazards and acute toxicity as well as explosion and fire hazards:

  • The exclamation mark (GHS07) applies to irritant and harmful substances

  • The gas cylinder (GHS04) stands for gases under pressure

  • The health hazard (GHS08) stands for several harmful and health-endangering effects

Why are hazardous goods signs so important?

Hazardous goods storage cupboards, containers and other means of transport and storage which must be used for certain substances are not adorned with numerous warnings for nothing: If thoughtless action occurs, this can become very dangerous.

With their colour scheme and universal comprehensibility, the signs not only instruct employees to comply with certain safety precautions, they also ensure insurance protection is provided in the event of an emergency. In addition, the right countermeasures can be taken immediately in the event of incidents if the substance is clearly classified in terms of its hazard.

In addition to the important signs, you will, of course, also find all other products for safe drum handling, the handling of hazardous goods and occupational safety. Please feel free to contact us.

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