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Office equipment

An office without desks, chairs, shelving, plastic pot plants... Sounds desolate and rather inefficient. How and where is anyone supposed to work? With the right office furnishings and matching office equipment, you'll bring everything into your company necessary to keep your business operating productively and profitably. So that you can get back to business as usual.
Our product categories
Air purifiers, air cleaners
Smog in the office? That's something no-one needs: don't give dry and used air a ...
Artificial plants
Real or not? Our artificial plants and artificial flowers need not shy away from ...
Clocks, time and attendance recording
Everything here ticks in unison. At least when they are in the same time zone: ...
Desk space savers
Freedom for your desk. And exile for all those bits and pieces that don't really ...
Document holders
Bye-bye paper chaos! Hello wall holders and document holders! Work instructions, ...
Document shredders
Security lapse identified – waste paper bin! Sensitive, and above all, personal ...
It's hot, it's summer, it's 35 °C. The air in the office is stagnant. The air ...
Floor protection matting
We have floor protection mats for both carpeted floors and for hard floors. ...
Foot rests
Less tension in your legs, back and shoulders is not just a matter of posture, ...
Kick stools
Kick stools are simply practical: just give these compact all rounders a kick to ...
Laminating devices
Laminating devices will help you to protect important documents from dirt, ...
Where gas, candles and petroleum used to shed light into dark corners, lamps and ...
Name plates, tabletop brochure holders
Know exactly who! Name plates will tell your counterpart exactly whom they are ...
Office machines
Document shredders, laminating devices, guillotines – office machines definitely ...
Office materials
Magnets, pin board papers, labels, folders, suspended filing pockets... every ...
You'll find the most economic solution for flexible room and workstation layouts ...
Where can Mr Citizen be found in your company? In which room is Ms Whoever ...
Storage systems
It's never been this easy to introduce an organisational system. Nowadays there ...
Time and attendance recording
Do you record your employees' work hours using Excel, with time sheets or even ...
Hat shelves or umbrella stands, on the wall or on the floor, with hooks or ...

Office equipment – work ergonomically and efficiently

You've probably dreamed of spending each and every day in a place where you have everything that you need within reach, along with ample space, good bright light and fresh air. This is what your workplace could actually be like. Office equipment from KAISER+KRAFT gives you and your colleagues everything you need to feel comfortable at work and to perform to your full potential every day. Our office equipment product category will give you the full picture of our complete office product range.

Fighting stress with filing systems

Psychologists realised it long ago: organisation relaxes you. Filing systems will put an end to long searches. They ensure you'll find exactly the right document right away. That saves time and ensures operations can proceed without problems, and makes a better impression on customers that creative chaos does.

We have different versions of filing systems for you:

  • Sorting trays for desks

  • Sorting cupboards and shelf units

  • Insert card boards for appointment scheduling

  • Organisation and sorting stations with desk

  • Mail distribution cupboards

  • Rotary filing systems

Tip: before choosing your filing system, have a think about how much space you require. A good rule of thumb is to fill a filing system to maximum 80% capacity. This allows you to maintain an overview while remaining flexible.

The latest office accessories make routine jobs easier

Routine jobs cost you time and get on your nerves. Exploit the potential that the latest office accessories have to offer: banknote verifiers and counters, labelling devices and guillotines will turn a lot of work into easy work, are easy to operate, and help save space. They also reduce the error rate when doing monotonous tasks.

And if a sensitive document needs to be disposed of quickly, then document shredders are there to help. They are available from us in different security levels for both general documents and confidential documents, ensuring that you really can rest easy at night. You can find out more about the topic in our shopping guide to Document shredder security levels.

The right office equipment for a great atmosphere

Fans and humidifiers will provide a pleasant indoor climate. This will stop the fine dust emitted by electronic equipment such as printers from going to your employees' heads, and protect hay fever sufferers from having to breathe in pollen. A bit of nature in the office also stimulates the grey cells and creates a friendly atmosphere. There's no-one with a green thumb at your company? Our artificial plants don't need water, won't wilt whatever you do or don't do, and can hold their own visually their real-life relatives – ideal for open plan offices where things sometimes get in a flurry. Mobile partitions are ideal to help you escape from the hustle and bustle, and they also aid concentration.

Daylight at your desk keeps you fit

What else might you be missing to keep you feeling good at the office? The right combination of flicker-free ceiling lights and desk lamps, customised for the individual workplace, keep you alert, prevent eye strain and promote concentration. Daylight lamps lend you energy with natural illumination that mimics sunlight, state-of-the-art LED bulbs, in contrast, help save energy and money.

Discover the huge range of lighting solutions and office lamps that we offer in our shop, from designer lamps for a desk to modular lighting for the ceiling.

The little things have the biggest impact

Whether in an open-plan office or on the executive floor, the right office equipment allows you to feel right at home when you're working. That pays off at the end of the day. After all, what was that Aristotle said? ''Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.''

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