Tool and supplies trolleys

Clear, practical, and robust. Tool and supplies trolleys are useful items of equipment in workshops and warehouses, providing a safe place to hang tools and other work utensils on mesh panels. Durable tool trolleys with a good load capacity are essential in heavy duty, demanding work environments. We have a wide selection of options within our range, with various accessories and features to meet your individual needs.

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Tool and supplies trolleys: transport solutions for important items

Logistics in any workplace can be troublesome, particularly in workshops, warehouses, and factories where large, heavy, and dangerous items need to be transported safely and quickly. Tool trolleys allow you to do all of this with minimal effort, solving your logistical problems immediately. Our tools and supplies trolleys feature sturdy frames, which are able to withstand heavy loads, and durable wheels, with the added option of drawers, shelves and cupboards for storing goods.

Tool and supplies trolleys for every load

Our tool trolleys are designed to be robust and capable of safely transporting goods from the shelf to the place of use. These 'special shelving units on castors’ are designed to transport unusually shaped items, like transport panels, large beams and pipes, lifting slings, and large tools. Tool trolleys offer protection when it comes to balance and contact points, preventing unnecessary damage.

Customising tool trolleys

Most tool and supplies trolleys are designed to be adapted to the actual transport requirements.

Brackets are easy to fit and remove, dividing up the load platform according to the number of panels.

Shelves on cantilever racking units can be customised and spaced individually, with or without a rubber lining and different arm extensions.

Perforated panels on tool trolleys with brackets and container modules can be individually adapted to the actual requirements at the workplace.

Of course, we also offer tool trolleys with different load capacities and load platform sizes – two factors, which play a pivotal role in transporting goods for your company. Our fully equipped truck models are the quickest to select and are ready for use right away.

Safety instructions for tool and supplies trolleys

As soon as bulky, sensitive or potentially dangerous goods must be transported on wheels and castors, a number of safety regulations will apply.

The dimensions and design of the tool and supplies trolley should suit the goods exactly. For example, a fragile glass plate shouldn’t be transported on a small panel trolley, as this will increase the risk of breakage.

1. The maximum load capacity should never be exceeded.

2. The ideal centre of gravity of the goods should be checked exactly during loading and before transport.

3. Additional padding and protective devices are useful and essential when it comes to sensitive goods.

4. The wheels, as well as the tool and supplies trolleys, must be inspected regularly to ensure they are fit for use.

5. When loading and unloading, four hands are better than two.

When shopping for tool trolleys for your business, there are some important things to consider. Luckily, our customer service team is always available to help you. Get in touch with us to find out more.