Tool and supplies trolleys
Components are easy to transport with tool and supplies trolleys. Transport equipment and trolley make work processes so much easier in production and workshop areas. These tool and supplies trolleys allow, for example, fast and reliable transport of panel components of all types. Panel transport trolleys and panel shelving units can be used flexibly, as the individual tubular bars can be installed in different dimensions to suit requirements. This makes it possible to transport panels of different sizes in up to six shelves at the same time – this means time savings due to fewer runs. Tool and supplies trolleys for panel transport are easy to guide when they have swivel castors, and can be locked in place using a double stop. Powder coatings and scratch proof surfaces ensure a long service life and high resistance to wear. Longer versions of the trolleys with fixed tubular bar fittings are specially designed for transporting larger work pieces. Sloping support surfaces and high load bearing capacities of up to 750 kg can hold larger panels. Tool and supplies trolleys are required when working with glass, allowing plates of glass to be transported gently and safely. These special glass transport trolleys feature low-impact edges and support surfaces, as is required for such goods. Rubber profiles ensure hard edges are safely buffered. The sloping support surfaces are also advantageous for these tool and supplies trolleys, effective preventing the plates of glass from tipping outwards. Loads of up to 500 kg can be managed with these trucks without problems.

Special tool and supplies trolley for other areas of use
The goods needing to be moved in the workshop can have all sorts of dimensions. There are well thought out and professional solutions for this activity here. Cantilever arm shelf trolleys, for example, feature practical shelves in which everything can be easily transported and safely stored, from wheel rims to tool boxes. Flexible modular designs allow the shelf bays to be configured to requirements. Adjustable cantilever arms make them suitable for bulky parts as well. Practical alternatives to a classic tool and supplies trolley are panel trucks and transport trucks, which round off the product range. Whatever you need to move – you'll find the right tool and supplies trolley in professional quality at KAISER+KRAFT.