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Whether slip resistant, water repellent, chemical resistant or puncture resistant: the right safety shoe allows you to prevent accidents at the workplace and to avoid downtime. At KAISER+KRAFT we have safety shoes for different areas of use – from hardwearing S1P sandals to high-grip S3 industrial footwear and waterproof S5 safety boots.

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Safety shoes and work shoes: what's the difference?

Protective footwear is essential in many areas. For example, protective equipment is even mandatory in many trades and in laboratories. In an emergency, safety shoes provide your feet with reliable protection from injury. Industrial safety footwear is a component of PPE (personal protective equipment) and is categorised into a number of safety levels.

Work shoes that have not been categorised using the safety levels, on the other hand, offer comfort at work and will maintain foot health with ergonomic soles, for example. In addition to functionality, many types of industrial footwear also feature an attractive design.

Safety shoes for different work areas

Safety shoes have been made mandatory in a wide range of activities and work areas by the employers' liability insurance associations – for professions as varied as first responders and fire brigades, and electricians and cooks. The right safety shoes are as equally varied as the areas of use. While firefighters need safety shoes made of flame-retardant materials, insulating footwear is important for electricians. On the other hand, employees in the forestry industry need anti-slip and cut resistant safety shoes.

Choose safety shoes according to safety levels

The choice of safety footwear depends, first and foremost, on the basic safety requirements that must be complied with at the workplace. Therefore, choose safety footwear based on the appropriate safety level specified for the activity performed in your workplace. Only then should criteria such as comfort and appearance be considered.

Standards 20345 to 20347 regulate the differences between safety shoes and their classification into safety levels. The safety levels are specified using a combination of letter S plus a letter/number, and range from the lowest safety level, SB, to the highest, which is S5. Regardless of the level of protection, all safety shoes feature anti-slip soles and toe caps that can withstand impacts of up to 200 joules.

Do you have any questions about safety shoes or safety levels? All you need to do is contact us. Our experts will be happy to help you.

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