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Anti-slip, water repellent, chemical resistant, anti-puncture, lace-up shoes, boots... finding the right safety shoe for every foots is a science unto itself. But don't worry: we'll manage it together!

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Safety shoes and work shoes – let's find a perfect fit!

''Yay, shoes!'' If you – sorry for the cliché – are a woman, then you'll probably have a positive attitude towards the topic of safety shoes and work shoes right from the start. Unfortunately, we're going to have to disappoint you: when it comes to occupational footwear, different factors matter more than appearance. Safety and comfort are, for once, far more important arguments. Whether in the laboratory or the workshop, on a construction site or in an industrial kitchen: safety shoes provide protection for you and your feet when the sparks are flying. All you have to do is find the right ones... and that, as you may be aware, can be quite a challenge. But don't worry – we're happy to help you!

Safety shoes – these factors matter

Safety shoes are mandated by commercial trade associations for all sorts of different activities and work areas, from emergency services to fire brigade, from electricians to cooks. And as varied as the areas of use, as wide is the range of suitable work shoes. Robust safety boots are recommended for a number of activities, while simpler safety lace-up shoes suffice for others. Sometimes the work shoes need to be water repellent, anti-slip or chemical resistant, and sometimes the soles need to be puncture proof and be able to reliably protect your feet from nails and other sharp pointed objects. This is why we can't just tell you straight off which safety shoes are the best for your specific case. But we can suggest that you find out together with us – simply give us a call and take your time discussing your needs with our experts! They will be happy to advise you on all other matters related to workplace safety, from work gloves to breathing, eye and hearing protection.

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