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Chain hoists

You can lift and lower heavy loads however you like with chain hoists – use the hook suspension to make flexible use of your lifting technology! Our expert advisors are happy to help you at any time!
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Premium PRO ratchet chain hoist
standard lifting height 1.5 m
from 339,00
Premium PRO spur gear block and tackle
standard lifting height 3 m
from 115,00
BLUE electric chain hoist
with push trolley
from 1.525,00
BLUE electric chain hoist
with electric drive trolley
from 2.490,00
BLUE electric chain hoist
with suspension bracket
from 1.295,00
AH ratchet chain hoist
standard lifting height 1.5 m
from 125,00
PLX-II ratchet chain hoist
standard lifting height 1.5 m with chain sling
from 179,00
9 items found

Chain hoists – high performance hoists

Chain hoists are specialists for lifting, carrying or moving heavy loads in tight spaces. Our electric chain hoists also reduce the manual work involved to a minimum.

A chain hoist is the perfect choice in these situations

Above all, a chain hoist demonstrates its strengths when a cable hoist or a cable winch simply won't do what you need it to do. When it comes to load-bearing capacity, they really do offer advantages. Nevertheless, our chain hoists are lightweight and compact enough for use in different locations and in confined spaces. A rail system or a crane are ideal as an attachment for use in construction, in assembly or in many other areas.

This is how our chain hoists function

Along with extremely strong spur gear block and tackle units for manual operation, you'll also find many different electric chain hoist models at KAISER+KRAFT. The advantage: in order to lift or lower loads, pressing a button is all it takes. The motor takes care of the rest. Should you be using a chain hoist with an electric drive trolley, the same principle applies for conveying items from one place to another. This saves your employees having to pull loads. Moreover, you have the choice between two lifting speeds, main lifting and precise lifting, depending on whether you want to tackle the task quickly or slowly.

This is how to find the right chain hoist

Maybe you'd only like to move lighter loads and place value on a chain hoist that is as easy to use as possible? Or is a high load bearing capacity a priority for you? You'll find we have the right chain hoist for both cases. But what else apart from force and weight do you need to pay attention to?

Well, there's the lifting height, on the one hand, and the lifting speed on the other. The drive trolley also plays an important role. Chain hoists with an electric drive trolley ensure minimal force is required, while offering maximum convenience. High quality workmanship guarantees a long service life.

Regardless of which version you decide for, our chain hoists have several properties in common: they are easy to operate, are extremely sturdy and resistant to environmental influences. Cable winches are also available from us, just like cranes, girder clamps, crane trolleys and many other products for lifting and relocating heavy loads are.


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