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Artificial plants

Real or not? Our artificial plants and artificial flowers need not shy away from their paragons in nature. Made from high quality materials modelled true to nature, artificial plants are virtually indistinguishable from their originals, but much easier to take care of. Ensure more well-being and a pleasant atmosphere at your workplace!
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white plastic pot
Boxwood tree column
square, in wooden pail
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Artificial plants – add some greenery that looks convincingly real.
No need to tend to them or look after their well-being – no water, light or heat. Oxygen? What for? Artificial plants don't really need anything at all – except for a nice spot in your office. Or in your restaurant. On the bar or in a café. Schools, hotels and swimming pools also benefit from the colour that artificial plants can add. As a decorative alternative to real flowers, artificial plants always look fresh, and have many other advantages to offer: they don't mind draughts or moisture, and being battered by customers, children or employees doesn't affect them either. Repotting, removing wilted leaves, grow lamps – also irrelevant for artificial plants. And you don't need a green thumb either. In fact, the most care they will ever need is a good dusting.

Say it with flowers – or our artificial plants.
If you're trying to make your workplace more attractive and to create a pleasant working environment, then our artificial succulents, grasses, bonsai, ficus trees, Mediterranean plants, bamboos, palms, leafy plants, orchids and other flowering plants will work miracles. The high quality textile plants are barely distinguishable from real ones, having been modelled on real details and featuring excellent workmanship. Add matching cover pots and vases, and you've found yourself the perfect decorative element to make your rooms more attractive. For example in department stores, in hospitality and hotels, in wellness areas, swimming pools and fitness studios. These elegant and easy-to-care-for artificial plants are also ideal for use in display windows and have a positive and harmonious effect on your surroundings.
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