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Cardboard box opened, item in, tape applied, goods packed. This might well be your workflow at the packing table. But what if you're packing fragile goods for shipment? Then a different workflow is needed: operate the packaging machine, create some padding, open the cardboard box, put the article and the padding inside, apply adhesive, and the goods are packaged. And here are your packaging machines.

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    Packaging machines – finding the right padding fast

    Anyone who has ever stood at a packing table knows how important the right packaging is for certain product groups. Above all, fragile and sensitive goods must be sufficiently padded to prevent damage in transit. Packaging machines mean you no longer have to keep air cushions, paper padding or cardboard padding in stock, and allow you to easily produce them yourself whenever you need them. Only rolls of film and paper still need to be kept in the storeroom. Padding, fixing in place, filling cavities – all this is made easier with the padding from the packaging machines. A real alternative to the equally popular bubble wrap film.

    For which types of packaging padding is a machine used?

    Packaging machines allow you, for example, to produce air cushions. Even a small air cushion system can be used to produce a wide range of differently formatted padding. This involves pumping air into the flat roll of film. The air cushions produced can be easily separated at the perforation. There's almost nothing faster.

    Is it also available for cardboard?

    You don't want to dispense with well-padded packaging, but would like your packaging to be more environmentally friendly? Then a cardboard box perforator might just be exactly right. You can transform used cardboard boxes from your goods receipt area into impact-absorbing cardboard padding in just one work step. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but it also saves material costs.

    Overview of the advantages for you

    • Optimal protection for any fragile goods for shipment

    • Fast and convenient – machines can be placed directly at the packaging station

    • Flexible – differently sized padding can be created with just one machine

    • Sustainable – you save on the cost of storage, and also save material when cardboard box perforators are used

    Do you know how many units your packaging machines need to produce?

    It is important to know how many units of each packaging padding need to be produced in which amount of time. If you need help selecting a new packaging machine, please contact us.

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