Laptop & Mobile charging cabinets

When laptop, tablet and smartphone need a break, this is the perfect place to switch off and recharge: in laptop or mobile charging cabinets. You will find great and practical battery charging cabinets here.

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Charging time = time savings? It's simple. With laptop & mobile charging cabinets

What do you actually do while your mobile phone, tablet or laptop is charging? How about shopping, a good movie, a tasty meal in a restaurant or you like to do sports and spend your time without a smartphone in the swimming pool.

Charge devices while doing something else

Battery charging cabinets are used to store technical equipment during the charging process in a theft-proof manner. In addition, smartphones can be charged during an event, a lesson or working time. For many leisure facilities, schools and workplaces, charging stations have therefore been essential equipment for some time. No wonder, because on the one hand, annoying ringing, and distraction from the action during a movie, or key points in a lecture, are avoided, while on the other hand, users have charged batteries when they need their devices again. A win-win situation for you as a company as well as your employees and visitors. Especially when technical equipment has to be stored securely anyway, because you are not allowed to carry it with you, as is the case, for example, when working with sensitive measuring instruments or in clean rooms.

How secure is secure? Various locking types for battery charging cabinets

Depending on the application, security plays a more or less important role. If school laptops are stored in a classroom, a battery charging cabinet with a lockable door is sufficient. In public institutions, however, it is not only the battery charging cabinet that counts, but also the individual lockable compartment in the cabinet. Each of these compartments should function independently. This means that if a malfunction occurs in one compartment, not all compartments are automatically affected.

We only offer battery charging cabinets with lockable compartments that meet these criteria. All you have to do is choose between different locking mechanisms. Do you want a classic deposit of a one-euro coin, or do users enter a code of their own choosing? The latter is often used in companies, while the coin-operated lock for lockers has already proven itself in leisure facilities. No matter what you choose, strong sheet steel and angled and reinforced doors always provide stability and increase protection against theft.

And what about the electrical connection?

Standard sockets and connections for all common devices are integrated into our battery charging cabinets. Some also have overvoltage protection. A potential accumulation of heat is prevented by ventilation holes in the shelf and cabinet body. So you don't have to worry about overcharging or compatibility. If trailing sockets have been fitted in the cabinet, they can be connected to the mains via an external connection.

Mobile device charging

Mobile battery charging cabinets are particularly suitable for school and company tablets and laptops. They have a mains connection with a main switch, so that you can switch on and off all the chargers in the cabinet at the touch of a button and quickly move all the tablets and PCs from one room to another.

Which battery charger should it be?

No matter whether you want to enable your customers, students, business partners or employees to charge securely, and no matter whether you are looking for a charging station for mobile phones, laptops or tablets, you will find suitable battery charging cabinets here.

Do you have special requirements or questions about colour, lock type or material? Then please contact us. Our experts will be happy to help you.

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