Laptop & Mobile charging cabinets

When laptops, tablets and smartphones need a break, this is the perfect place to switch off and recharge: in the battery charging cabinet. You will find great and practical battery charging cabinets here.

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Battery charging cabinets: a safe way to charge smartphones, laptops and other electronics

Battery charging cabinets are a practical solution that allow electronic devices to be stored safely during the charging process. These charging stations have become a ubiquitous feature of many leisure facilities, schools and workplaces. Your advantage: the devices remain secure, allowing you to turn your attention to other matters. What’s more, the battery charging cabinets offer a useful additional function with their charging option.

Battery charging cabinets in different models

Depending on where the battery charging cabinet is used, different models may be required. If school laptops are being stored, for example, a lockable battery charging cabinet with shelves and hinged doors is the most suitable model. If the cabinet is used by several people at the same time, on the other hand, a battery charging cabinet with many individual, separately lockable compartments may be a better choice. What’s more, in the event of a technical mishap, not all charging stations are automatically affected, as long as they are connected to separate electrical systems.

If you wish to charge many small devices such as smartphones separately, special mobile phone charging cabinets are a practical solution. They save more space, because they are designed for the size of mobile phones and therefore offer more charging stations in a smaller area. No matter which model you choose, solid steel doors as well as angled and reinforced doors provide even more stability and increase protection against device theft from the battery charging cabinet.

Battery charging cabinets at kaiserkraft

The battery charging cabinets available from kaiserkraft already feature integrated standard sockets and connections for all commercially available devices. Some charging cabinets also feature overvoltage protection. Any potential build-up of heat is prevented by ventilation holes in the shelf and in the cabinet body. Trailing sockets in the cabinet can be connected to the mains power by using an external connection.

Our mobile battery charging cabinets come with a mains connection with a main switch. This makes it possible to switch all the chargers in the cabinet on or off at the touch of a button.

Do you have special demands of battery charging cabinets? Or do you have questions about the colour, lock type and material of the cabinets that are available in our range? Then contact us. Our experts will be happy to help you.

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