Hanna: simplicity can be so good!
Hanna's flexibility knows no bounds: with the high quality system furniture from our office furniture series Hanna, you can configure your office exactly the way you want.

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Make an understatement – Hanna is here to help!
Do place value on having the essentials? Then our office furniture series Hanna is exactly the right thing for you. How did the German architect Heinrich Tessenow put it again? ''Simplicity is not always the best. But the best is always simple.'' Analogously, Hanna makes an unpretentious, elegant, laid back outward impression – and can therefore provide the perfect office furniture for minimalists and aesthetes. However, don't be fooled by this singular impression. Functions which have been thought through down to the smallest detail, and a multitude of different designs, means Hanna offers so much more... She just doesn't like showing off: understatement par excellence!

Hanna – simply good.
Hanna could prove her superiority with her flexibility, for example. All desks can be extended to form complex office landscapes using add-on tables and linking elements. Whether it's a group workplace or a corner for conferences, steel linking systems guarantee the table elements have maximum stability. And yet the combinations are flexible enough that, if necessary, they can be set up and dismantled within minutes, if necessary. And if she wanted, Hanna could also show off her inner values: the hinged doors to her cupboards feature, for example, an extra large opening angle of 110 degrees to ensure everyone has easy access to the materials her cupboards contain. Oh yes, and Hanna is environmentally friendly as well: she has been awarded the seal of the Blue Angel, demonstrating that the products are particularly low emission and good for health. Don't be shy, Hanna – show us what you're worth!