Drills and impact drills

Precisely drilled holes even in the hardest of materials: professional power drills and impact drills score points with their robust housing and high power output. From right angle drills to percussion drills – a diverse range of products awaits you in the online shop at kaiserkraft!

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Power drills and impact drills for precise holes in various materials

They combine power with precision: high quality power drills and impact drills. Conventional power drills are easy to hold and suitable for smaller construction projects, such as pre-drilling holes. Right angle drills feature an angled head. This allows you to reach spots that are difficult to access, such as ones behind a protective panel. They are available with or without an impact function. You will also find percussion drills, which have one particular advantage: they have a higher impact force. This allows the drills to penetrate substrates of medium hardness, such as sand lime bricks or tiles.

What are which types of power drills and impact drills used for?

Their consistent performance and convenient operation means professional power drills without an impact function are suitable for everyday use. With a variable speed and the right power output, they let you drill into numerous substrates with ease – from wood to stone to metal.

If you would like to drill holes in particularly hard substrates, a percussion drill is a good choice. As its name suggests, it combines the rotation of a drill with a mechanically generated impact force. This even allows this powerful drill to open up holes in masonry, hard metal or softer types of concrete.

When working in spots that are difficult to access, a right angle drill is a suitable choice. The practical design of the chuck sits at a 90 degree angle to the head. What’s more, the machines are slim and easy to hold. This allows you to reach spots that are difficult to access and work there effectively and precisely.

What do I need to bear in mind when purchasing a power drill or impact drill?

When choosing a power drill or percussion drill, the maximum drill diameter is one decisive factor. The smaller the diameter, the higher the speed generally required. For example, when drilling into masonry, the diameter should be 13 to 14 millimetres so that the machine can actually penetrate the material.

At high speeds in particular, heat is generated. This can cause the material being worked on to split or even break out at the edge of the hole. You should therefore always keep the potential speeds in mind when selecting a drill, as the only way to achieve a clean result is to adapt them to the respective substrate.

When choosing your new power drill or impact drill, also keep safety factors such as AutoLock in mind. This device makes operation particularly easy – because it even allows you to change the drill bit with one hand. Models with a connection for dust extraction, which can be operated with high quality industrial vacuum cleaners, offer further advantages.

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