Drills and impact drills

Holes in walls? That's something practically any tool can manage. Precisely drilled holes even in the hardest of substrates? Only professional drills and impact drills can do that!

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Drills and impact drills: instant perfection!

Just how important it is to have a precise drill hole becomes obvious when things go wrong at the latest. That's why professionals rely on drills and impact drills that combine a perfect amount of power with maximum precision. After all, there's always more to do in workshops and industry than simply drill a few holes for a shelf.

What types of drills and impact drills are there?

A consistent performance, and safety and versatility for everyday work – professional drills are an integral component of every workshop. With variable speed settings and the corresponding motor power, they are suitable for practically all surfaces, from wood to stone to metal.

If you need an extra power boost, use the impact drill. As the name suggests, it combines the rotation of a drill with mechanical impact force, which drives the drill into masonry or hard metal.

Do things get complicated when working around corners? You can save yourself this headache by using an with an angle drill! The cleverly designed chuck is fitted at a 90 degree angle to the head. The motor is installed in a slim housing. This allows you to work even in areas that are difficult to access – a must for every installer.

Rechargeable battery or cable: which type of drive is better for drills and impact drills?

Cordless drills are becoming increasingly popular for private, home use in particular. Nonetheless, experts and professionals prefer to use corded power tools. When drilling in particular, a consistently high force is required to make a hole into the substrate quickly, precisely and without any signs of fatigue.

Rechargeable models are catching up, but their power is still far too low for most professional requirements. They are, however, a versatile substitute when doing quick work on soft materials.

In addition, providing there's a mains socket nearby, drills and impact drills with cables can always be used right away – without any loss of force. A rechargeable battery needs recharging. And that's you can tell when it's running out of juice.

What do you need to keep in mind when buying an impact drill or drill?

Our product data sheets provide a straightforward compass that will point you towards the power tools that are right for you. For drills and impact drills, along with the motor power, the maximum drill diameter in different substrates, and the maximum torque, are also key specifications.

Also make sure that the device features a speed setting, and safety features such as Autolock. In general, models with a connection for a vacuum cleaner are recommended, as they can be operated with high quality industrial vacuum cleaners. Do you need more information? Then please contact our technical consultants.