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Hall offices and multi purpose buildings made of partition systems
A hall office allows you to take all the office work that needs to be done due to all the everyday, practical processes occurring at your company to exactly where things are happening. This is where the shift manager can note down the daily figures, plan the employee roster, retain an overview of all work processes and be on the spot quickly when problems arise. Furthermore, well structured companies are always installing new production plants and constantly making changes that require workplaces to be restructured. This means they need to remain flexible, while still being productive. This is why quick to install prefab offices for indoors and outdoors can help, without resulting in extended periods of downtime and complicated building work. Multi purpose buildings, hall offices and gatekeeper's cabins in a modular system optimise the conversions that the company requires. Using partition systems, the on-site conditions can be quickly and individually expanded and converted. Entire industrial halls can be reconfigured this way in accordance with economical aspects, and be made available for optimised production. Long routes within a company can be shortened using new hall offices. Multi purpose buildings designed as a modular system help to bring different departments closer together, and therefore to save valuable time. And last but not least, a clearly set up system within a production line makes for an outstanding calling card for the company.

Hall offices make the most out of your space
Whether in the smallest cabin or in and around large halls, space is everywhere. In order to form manageable units and clearly separated partitions in rooms, the webshop offers a practical range of room systems in the hall office category. A variety of modular systems and prefab offices make it possible to utilise the space available in and around buildings optimally when specific plans are drawn up. Already existing hall offices or multi purpose buildings can be extended in any way desired. Make the decision to invest in the wide product range offered by KAISER+KRAFT and give your buildings a flexibly structured perspective for indoors and outdoors. Hall offices, multi purpose buildings and a modular system including products that can be specifically integrated help to structure production spaces, and therefore optimise them.

Prefab offices

Make the most of what you have – more space, more peace and quiet, more productivity. Partition systems and prefab offices allow you to create separate areas within production spaces or factories. You will be able to keep an eye on work processes from one central spot while concentrating on your core activities at the same time. And when things get loud, just close the door.
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Modular partition
solid wall section
Ex. VAT 163,90
Modular partition
glass wall section, single pane
Ex. VAT from 291,50
Ex. VAT 1.515,00
Modular partition
glass wall section, double pane
Ex. VAT from 394,00
Ex. VAT from 3.775,00
Ex. VAT from 4.635,00
Ex. VAT from 5.510,00
Multi-purpose depot
enclosed on 4 sides, with doors
Ex. VAT 1.420,00
Multi-purpose depot
enclosed on 3 sides
Ex. VAT 1.130,00
Ex. VAT 866,00
Ex. VAT from 304,00
Flexible partition system, wall thickness 82 mm
single door section, HxW 2093 x 936 mm
Ex. VAT from 1.135,00
Flexible partition system, wall thickness 82 mm
double door section, HxW 2093 x 1789 mm
Ex. VAT from 2.135,00
Ex. VAT from 4.660,00
22 items found
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