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Office furniture

Do you work in a two-man business or in a large company? This doesn't, in fact, make a difference to us, because we can offer you the right choice of office furniture for all businesses: from shelving systems to desks and office chairs, to cupboards and cabinets and similar units. And if you have any questions, our CAD planning service will be happy to help you decide.
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Office furniture – work more ergonomically, provide better motivation

How can a desk make a contribution to your employees' health? How many mobile pedestals are useful per workstation? Even if the topic of office furniture might largely seem to be a question of which equipment is needed, the products that your employees use are actually capable of so much more. Our Office product range offers you all the products that will help you to promote the health, and level of motivation, of your employees and to make work more pleasant for everybody this way.

Which (health) aspects play a role when choosing office furniture?

Long periods spent sitting in an (unnatural) position to write has long term consequences for your health. Which consequences these are, and how to avoid them, is revealed in our guide to ''healthy sitting''.

If you are tackling a new office space project, like the one we worked on with the company CWS-boco, or if you wish to give your current furnishings an update, then make sure you take a close look at ergonomics:

  • The right office chair has utmost priority for healthy posture.

  • The desk should not be stationary, but rather its height and alignment should be able to be adjusted for the individual employee.

  • Our drawer pedestals made by Mauser and other brands promote ergonomic work, because they feature smooth running drawers, are easy to move and keep the workplace open for all types of posture and partitioning.

A well thought out arrangement of your office furniture should also encourage your employees to change their posture in regular intervals, to stand up, and to move around.

Yet despite all the ergonomics: every person is different. And a workstation that has been configured perfectly in theory won't necessarily satisfy the requirements of the person who sits at it every day in practice. This is why the procurement of office furniture requires a dialogue.

Which regulations apply for furnishing and the arrangement of office furniture?

Legislators pay close attention to protecting the growing number of monitor workstation and desk based employees by means of the corresponding regulations. These include:

  • Technical Rules for Workplaces (formerly workplace regulations) ASR A1.2

  • DGUV 215-410 and 215-441 issued by the German Social Accident Insurance

These define how much space should be available to one employee, how passageways need to be structured, and which protective measures need to be taken. These are the minimum requirements and can be easily surpassed with coordinated office furniture series.

Which other factors do I need to consider when purchasing my office furniture?

Apart from all the questions about employee health, office furniture also needs to satisfy many other requirements – as, for example, you can read about in the purchasing guide to healthy sitting in the office:

  • Durability and robustness for intensive, daily use

  • High quality appearance and pleasant to the touch

  • Hygiene and easy cleaning of surfaces, upholstery, etc.

Moreover, we have also identified other important aspects:

  • Think for the long term: office furniture should be replaced around every ten years or so, as the regulations change every five years.

  • Visual trends should not tend to play a role when choosing the furniture, so that you furniture still harmonises after years of use. Timeless design is the key, and this is what we offer you with all our office furniture and office furniture series.

  • The floor plan and the furniture should be coordinated. When it comes to the question of which furniture is ideal for your office, we're happy to advise you.

How can we help you along?

In many different ways! We at KAISER+KRAFT devote a lot of time and energy to the topic of office furniture and equipment. For example, by providing detailed descriptions of the latest products, such as the electrically height adjustable Upliner desk 2.0. Or by giving you lots of useful tips for everyday work in our purchasing guides. Worth mentioning are the purchasing guides about:

If you have special requests or specific requirements, our CAD planning service is also there for you. And even if you only have a quick question, feel free to contact us by phone, email or in customer chat.

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