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The right lighting at the workplace is a decisive factor for more productive and more highly motivated workers. And that, in turn, gives you a competitive advantage. Why? Isn't it obvious? Those with good vision have good visions!

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Workshop Lights and Lamps: The power lies in the illumination

Workplace lighting is not only needed at the desk, but also in production and assembly. With our system lamps, magnifying lamps and spot lights, you can organise the optimum illumination for your workplaces in your workshop.

And yes, you're spoilt for choice, because light is one of the topics that often give rise to the suspicion that you can't really please anyone. This is why it is particularly important at the workplace that individual lighting requirements can also be taken into account. In order to design the best possible workplace lighting in your company, we have summarised three approaches for you.

1. Light according to guidelines

No matter how much time, money and love you want to invest in the lighting of your workspaces, the following guidelines provide information about the mandatory equipment: Workplace Ordinance, Workplace Guideline ASR A3.4, Display Screen Workplace Ordinance, Occupational Health and Safety Act and DIN EN 12464-1.

2. Light according to scientific findings

Our body reacts very strongly to light. Daylight is therefore very beneficial for concentrated and alert work: We have more power. Daylight workplace lighting has long been in vogue, but it is increasingly being replaced by workplace lighting with biodynamic light. These adapt even better to natural daylight processes.

3. Light according to individual needs

After duty and science follows the free choice: More work quality through individually adjustable workplace lights. Such lamps have dimmers, the light colour can be chosen individually and the lamp itself can be moved to where you want it by means of an articulated rod. Up, down, right, left, brighter, darker – no problem at all.

No question, if you do not only consider point 1, but are also interested in the other two aspects, your workplaces will be better illuminated and the satisfaction of your employees will be higher.

Where and for what purpose do you want to use your workplace lighting?

If you know what type of workplace lighting you are using, you still have to consider where your workplace lighting will be used in the future and what you intend to achieve with the lighting.

Ceiling light or supplement to room light:

If your workplace lighting is to consist not only of light from the ceiling but also a desk lamp, these two light sources should harmonise with each other and in the best case complement each other.

Light as a work tool:

If your workplace lighting is not just an additional source of light, but part of the work, individual adaptation to the needs of the employee is essential. This applies, for example, to system lighting which doctors place above their treatment chairs or to magnifying lamps in the workshop under which filigree work is carried out. Do not make any compromises here, because such workplace lighting has very special functions that help to facilitate work processes or make them possible in the first place. A cold light machine lamp, for example, ensures that no heat problems arise. This remains cool even after a long period of use.

Make your light choice

When purchasing workplace lighting, the focus is usually on a light output tailored to requirements. Energy-saving lamps can be just as suitable as halogen or LED lights. The bulb, in turn, usually determines the selected lamp model. Of course, overlaps are possible: For your operating equipment, we offer you, for example, LED articulated lights or halogen articulated lights. And you're welcome to take stock of the climate: With suitable energy-saving lamps, electricity consumption during operation can be kept low in the long term, and even LED lamps do not consume as much electricity as earlier light sources. A possibly somewhat higher purchase price pays off again after a short time thanks to the very good energy balance.

Find the suitable lamp!

Whether height-adjustable workplace lighting, adaptable lighting or special functions – here you will find many different options for individually adapting the lighting in your company to workplaces and employees. And there's no shortage of design either: the choice of colours includes black housings, white, chrome-plated frames and many other variations. Order your lamps online now.

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