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Stick it on and send it off! You have no time to lose when it comes to labels. Fortunately, our label dispensers and labels are so practical and reliable that you don't need to think about the time…

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    Labels and label dispensers: a quick adhesive fix instead of a complicated dispatch bag

    If you have the impression that the ''label frenzy'' in logistics is constantly increasing, then you are right. But there is a method to this madness: Labels and label tags are printed, applied and deliver digitally readable shipping information in just a few seconds. In the past, this density of information required very long shipping documents and unwieldy packing lists. This is why you should look at the quick fix using adhesive with new eyes.

    Why are labels important?

    Every label on a cardboard box or open fronted storage bin ideally performs one specific function: it provides all the necessary information about the contents, and that in exactly the right format.

    Thanks to the digital revolution, you no longer need to write shipping or product information in long texts on excessively detailed packing lists, and instead can now use economical labels printed with QR or barcodes and other forms of encoding.

    Endorsed with the requisite warning labels or shockwatch labels, a properly identified package leaves no doubt about where it needs to go and what to (not) do with it.

    In addition, encoded labels know no barriers due to language, nor do they have problems with different climate zones or a change in the weather when they have the appropriate coatings. What other physical means of sending information, which is intended for travel around the world, can make a claim like this?

    Are label dispensers necessary?

    If you do not want to waste time removing and applying adhesive labels, then yes! This is especially true if, for example, you wish to endorse small film pouches with a price label.

    Done by hand, this would be a time consuming task. The ''price gun'' not only makes this considerably faster, it also allows you to place the label correctly without any effort, and this without even touching the film pouches.

    And because many label dispensers come with the right counter, you can track and keep tabs on inventory much more easily. You don't really need more reasons than these, do you?

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