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Barriers make safety more visible. Bright warning colours make barrier fencing, posts, parking barriers and barrier chains highly visible obstacles. In particular, they allow danger zones to be clearly and unmistakably marked.

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Barriers to keep any danger at bay

It can happen faster than you think: unsuspecting visitors or employees walk through the wrong door or take the wrong path – and suddenly find themselves in an area in which they have nothing to lose, or in which they might even be exposed to danger. With unmistakable and clearly positioned rope barriers or other barriers from our range of products, you can save yourself the worry about company safety – because they'll keep the danger at bay.

Why are barriers so important?

A clear-cut case: Barrier fencing or other barriers are simply indispensable for company safety. After all, they don't need words to indicate where danger might lurk, instead providing an impenetrable signal. Furthermore, they also save you having to provide detailed instructions on which areas are temporarily or permanently taboo – warning and barrier tapes have a much greater impact. In addition, safety barriers can also keep you and your employees safe even if the danger has long since arrived.

Accidents involving transport vehicles do, unfortunately, occur frequently. If you have dimensioned the area set aside to drive in generously and kept it separate using the corresponding markings and barriers, then employees can put themselves at a safe distance before a collision can occur. Products for impact protection and edge protection prevent a full-on collision with a wall or shelf unit, and deflect the force of the collision, which in turn significantly reduces any risk of injury.

All of our pedestrian barriers can combine the functions of a guide, guard and usher. Even in those places where you might prefer to provide unobtrusive pointers rather than safety instructions with exclamation marks everywhere.

Which do I find which type of barrier?

One of these unobtrusive pointers are our belt posts made of plastic, which give you the mobility to cordon off specific indoor and outdoor areas quickly and flexibly. You can, for example, send a friendly message to customers to keep out of certain areas of the company when they take a tour – without making them feel they have reason to be alarmed.

You see: kaiserkraft really is the best address when you're trying to find any type of barrier, whether for safety purposes or to cordon off work areas. As in all product areas, we'll also be happy to help you make your choice in this case. Just ask us!

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