Barrier belts, marking tapes

Red and white. Black and yellow. We're not talking about hot chips, nor about a football team, but rather about warning and barrier tapes in typical warning colours. They allow you to highlight dangerous areas and cordon off high-risk areas, and therefore provide an eye-catching way of providing more safety at work in the warehouse and workshop.

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Warning and barrier tapes: the mark of safety.

From temporarily marking danger zones to an all-encompassing guidance system for the production area and the warehouse: hazard warning tapes & barroer tapes make it easy for you to increase the level of safety. This is because they mark of individual areas without any time-consuming installation to produce a signal effect that is guaranteed to catch attention. We are showing you how to mark your way to better safety.

Barrier tape or posts: when do I use which barrier?

The first question on the way to more

company safety

is always: what are people suppose to do, or avoid doing, in a specific area? Do I wish to cordon it off permanently for specific vehicles or persons, or divide up the traffic? In this case, bollards and barrier posts and other (solid) barriers are the right choice.

Do I wish to identify certain areas in which movements are made or work is being done without obstructing traffic altogether? This is when our barrier tapes come in use. They require neither fittings nor add ons, take up correspondingly little space, and can be moved around individually and as required. This also has benefits for you when an unexpected accident occurs and the danger zone needs to be cordoned off within a few minutes – simply put up the warning tape,and you're done!

A self adhesive hazard tape with the typical black and yellow markings is the perfect supplement to speed ramps or cable ducts. This clearly signalises that the operator of the vehicle needs to reduce speed and drive slowly over the obstacle.

As long as two protective and warning elements don't contradict each other, then supplementing permanent installations with more flexible warning and barrier tapes is recommended.

Where can I purchase barrier tape?

kaiserkraft has a constantly growing range of products suitable as barriers and markings. And this for a good reason. Because when you use these products appropriately, you won't just be reducing the risk of accidents at work. You'll also be, almost in passing, ensuring workflows proceed more smoothly. This is why we are happy to help you out with this important matter and provide personal advice on the optimal combination of warning and safety components.

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