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Office materials – everything for daily workplace requirements
Office materials are extremely important to guarantee that work proceeds smoothly and the office is well organised. Regardless of which supplies you need, you'll find it in high quality here in the web shop: document holders and filing systems share this category with labels, magnets or laminating pouches. Office materials are required on an ongoing basis, which is why you will find the products here in reliable supply, from a simple file folder label to office machinery. You can buy more magnets and pens to use with your flip chart. You'll often need labels suitable for labelling shelves and files. Wall hooks suitable for storing keys, along with key racks, are also on offer. Office materials that can be used for all sorts of seemingly insignificant, and yet essential, tasks and purposes are also on offer here for you. The large product range covering office supplies in the KAISER+KRAFT online shop will help you make a quick and specific decision about which materials to buy.

Good material quality for optimal office equipment
A regular supply of office materials is essential. Once you've registered in our online shop, you can save a shopping basket filled with supplies like this in your customer account, and access it again any time you need replenishments. This saves you long periods spent searching for the individual products and laboriously compiling them by hand. Because there's hardly anything as annoying as constantly having to purchase more office materials, we place value on the best possible production quality and an exacting mix of materials even for small parts and mass produced article. This ensures you can continue using them even when they are subject to all sorts of wear and tear. High quality office equipment permits efficient work processes without unnecessary interruptions. This office materials are also available in variable quantities and in bulk volume for orders so that equipment for all areas of the office can be sustainably supplied. You can choose your office materials flexibly in our webshop over extended periods as well, and when you need lots of them, you'll find them in order quantities suitable for bulk orders as well.

Office materials

Magnets, pin board papers, labels, folders, suspended filing pockets... every bit as varied as the work in an office are the materials that are needed on an everyday basis. Office materials are essential to ensure smooth work flows and a perfectly organised structure. Good that our product range has just about every single consumable you need to satisfy each and every wish.
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Ex. VAT 32,95
Ex. VAT from 21,95
Suspension file drawer
WxD 800 x 400 mm
Ex. VAT 154,90
MAUL - Carousel hook magnet
Ø 35 mm, height 53 mm, pack of 20
Ex. VAT 60,80
CP - Suspension frame, 2-track
for cupboard width 1200 mm
Ex. VAT 176,80
CP - Suspension frame, 2-track
for cupboard width 930 mm
Ex. VAT 158,10
Suspension file drawer
on telescopic rails
Ex. VAT 171,30
Suspension file drawer frame
on telescopic rails
Ex. VAT 186,10
Ex. VAT 168,90
Suspension file drawer
for Office line
Ex. VAT 176,30
Ex. VAT 194,20
Magnetic strip
LxW 5000 x 15 mm, 1 roll
Ex. VAT 16,50
Ex. VAT 11,30
Magnetic strip, self-adhesive
1.5 mm thick, 1 roll
Ex. VAT from 60,10
Round magnet
Ø 10 mm, pack of 60
Ex. VAT 33,35
Round magnet
Ø 20 mm, pack of 72
Ex. VAT 44,50
Round magnet
Ø 30 mm, pack of 36
Ex. VAT 33,35
Magnetic strip
LxW 500 x 20 mm, pack of 18
Ex. VAT 47,20
Magnetic rectangle
format A4, pack of 6
Ex. VAT 47,20
Ex. VAT from 38,40
Suspension drawer
for width 1200 mm
Ex. VAT from 202,50
Suspension drawer
for width 930 mm
Ex. VAT from 198,10
Ex. VAT from 25,20
Ex. VAT from 26,30
Ex. VAT from 32,90
D1 labelling tape
assortment, pack of 5
Ex. VAT from 97,90
Ex. VAT 39,05
Ex. VAT 205,50
GBC - Premium laminating pouches
standard, film thickness 75 µm
Ex. VAT from 52,30
GBC - Premium laminating pouches
standard, film thickness 125 µm
Ex. VAT from 16,45
GBC - Laminating pouches, matt
film thickness 125 µm
Ex. VAT 137,50
GBC - Premium laminating pouches
standard, film thickness 175 µm
Ex. VAT from 104,50
Ex. VAT from 86,90
Flipchart paper block
format 650 x 1000 mm
Ex. VAT from 32,90
Ex. VAT 147,20
Round magnet
assorted colours, blue, yellow, red
Ex. VAT from 33,35
Ex. VAT from 46,85
Ex. VAT 68,90
MAUL - Rectangular magnets, pack of 60
LxW 53 x 18 mm, holds 1 kg
Ex. VAT 53,40
Super magnet, pack of 10
chrome plated, brushed finish
Ex. VAT from 33,40
MAUL - Ferrous tape, roll
width 35 mm, roll length 25 m
Ex. VAT 57,90
Ex. VAT 52,90
Suspension file drawer
extendable on telescopic rails
Ex. VAT 178,30
Replacement colour roll
for price labellers with two line printing
Ex. VAT 84,70
Ex. VAT 27,90
59 items found
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