Let’s be honest: even if a cold seems mild at first, anyone can still quickly mutate into a veritable hotbed of contagiousness. Just as well that there are professional disinfectants – they allow you to protect yourself and your employees. Purchase a supply of professional disinfectants for companies and offices right here!

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Disinfectants: products for companies

Even though the pandemic now seems to have passed its peak, hygiene remains an important issue at every company. By now, everyone knows that hand sanitisers and surface disinfectants are powerful weapons against the spread of disease. That’s why disinfectant dispensers and similar products remain a mainstay of every company’s facilities.

What makes disinfectants so important in the workplace?

There are about 400 times more bacteria on a keyboard alone than in a public toilet. What’s more, 80 percent of all typical diseases are transmitted by hand contact.

The pandemic has taught us that thorough hand washing and the use of hand sanitisers significantly reduce the risk of transmission and infection. The pandemic has also made regular disinfection become second nature to us. If you entrench these hygiene measures in the office and factory by providing disinfectants, hygiene stations and disinfectant dispensers, you’ll

  • reduce absenteeism due to high rates of illness

  • increase the sense of reassurance and well-being among employees in customer contact

  • optimise the overall level of hygiene in the company

  • encourage customers and visitors to do the same.

Which workplace disinfectants are best for which area?

Your washroom equipment is a key factor in company hygiene, and consists of hand disinfectants and surface disinfectants. To make sanitising hands easy, equip customer areas and offices with stylish dispenser stands. Hygiene stations with additional space for disposable gloves, paper towels and similar items are suitable for production areas or businesses with heavy customer traffic.

Anyone who often sanitises their hands – whether for personal reassurance or because of company and legal regulations – will welcome hand disinfectants with moisturising agents. Foaming hand disinfectant is particularly suitable for this. However, moisturising foams and hand gels often only exhibit a limited effectiveness as virucides. Antiseptic disinfectants, on the other hand, are effective against viruses of all kinds. Their liquid formulation ensures optimal distribution when the dispenser is pressed, as well as excellent efficacy when rubbed into the hand surfaces. In addition to the disinfectant, provide replenishing lotions or creams for staff who need to sanitise their hands often.

Surface disinfectants for the desk, keyboards and other work surfaces should always be easy to access and use. Paper towels should also be placed directly next to the dispenser for these substances. To avoid mixing up hand and surface disinfectants, labelling the dispenser accordingly is recommended.

We have already put a lot of thought into how to increase hygiene in the workplace. You can find out more in our Guide to well organised office cleaning. We are always happy to answer your questions – simply contact us.