Kick stools: these versatile assistants are right where you need them!

Multitasking isn't just an important quality for good employees to have. It is also an important characteristic of useful items of furniture. This is where the safety stools from the product range offered by KAISER+KRAFT come in handy. After all, these space saving assistants are both a step-up stool and a place to take a seat. And they are as versatile as you would expect any of today's office equipment to be.

In which areas of the company are kick stools most useful?

Not every employee is well over six feet tall and can easily reach the utensils placed on the top shelf of shelf units and cupboards. Instead of having to stand on your tiptoes or waste time going and getting ladders and scaffolds out of storage, vertically challenged employees should instead rely on a helpful kick stool.

The idea behind them is simple: the wide and anti-slip step surface of the stool provides either a place to sit, or a stable base when you're trying to reach difficult-to-access files or products from a shelf – it's up to you. And this is even the case if you're wearing high heels!

The thick rubber ring around the sheet steel stool keeps the step-up stool firmly on the floor when you put weight on the seat. The castors are spring loaded and snap into place as soon as weight is placed on the stool. Once the load is removed, the clever assistant can roll across any type of flooring – including carpeted floors.

It is exactly these versatile characteristics that make kick stools such a useful alternative to steps – even if the steps and larger platform height they provide can, for example, make for a better choice when used with machinery.

Even so, kick stools also serve a useful function in the workshop and in industry – not to mention how optimally suited they are for the office product area. Here it's usually only a few centimetres that are lacking when it comes to removing objects or putting them back in shelves and cupboards.

Kick stools from KAISER+KRAFT

Advice and service are a matter of course at KAISER+KRAFT – whether you need advice on the smallest of office utensils or the full range of equipment for a warehouse. If you have any questions about our range of products, or need help deciding which kick stool to select, then contact us in writing or on the phone.

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