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Making compromises when it comes to leakage management? We advise against this! What we would recommend, however, is that you use absorbent socks and absorbent cushions. This, in particular, when you opt for sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable products. The following does, however, apply to all products: you can implement fast and safe leakage management in no time at all by using absorbent socks and absorbent cushions. Find out about all the advantages and disadvantages that they offer in the information provided below.

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Absorbent socks and absorbent cushions: a well put-together cross section of absorbent agents

Absorbent sheeting, absorbent granulate, or might a liquid barrier be better? How about all three absorbent agents for leakage management at the same time? There’s a good reason why absorbent socks and absorbent cushions are components of basic equipment to ensure everyday safety at work.

What are absorbent socks and absorbent cushions?

Absorbent socks and absorbent cushions combine the properties of liquid barriers, absorbent granulates and absorbent sheeting in leakage management. They can be used as a precaution or in an emergency, and can:

  • Reliably contain the spread of hazardous media

  • Absorb liquids and bind them in the granulate

  • Be placed under leaking valves, outlets and taps as absorbent cushions

  • Be used as an oil barrier on bodies of water

  • Be placed around machines, drums or leaks as a liquid barrier

  • Be disposed of easily and reliably

The special feature of absorbent socks: even when they are fully saturated, their barrier effect is retained. When used as oil barriers, they remain buoyant even when fully saturated and at the same time reliably bind the absorbed liquid in the shredded PP which they contain.

Which absorbent socks and absorbent cushions are available?

As is the case with other products for leakage management and hazardous goods handling, absorbent socks and cushions are immediately identifiable by their colour coding to ensure the right model is always used in an emergency or when needed:

  • HazMat absorbent socks for caustic, corrosive and aggressive liquids come in pink

  • Universal absorbent cushions and socks are grey

  • Oil barriers for petrol, diesel etc. and use on water come in blue or white

  • Chemical models for acids, alkaline solutions, alcohol and aggressive media come in yellow

Depending on the risk assessment conducted by the company, universal absorbent cushions are the most frequently required product in almost all companies, closely followed by absorbent agents for fuel and tank leaks. At the very least, universal models should be kept in spillage emergency kits even if the regulations that apply to you don’t specifically require you to.

What are the advantages of absorbent socks and absorbent cushions in comparison to other absorbent agents?

  • High absorption and binding capacity

  • Very straightforward and precise use

  • Clean and safe disposal

  • Multifunctional – block, bind, contain, warn

  • Absorbent cushions also suitable for ongoing use

  • They can be used in places that are otherwise difficult to reach

What are the disadvantages of absorbent socks and absorbent cushions in comparison to other absorbent agents?

  • Absorbent granulates are more effective on uneven or porous floors

  • They must be available in the appropriate length and be laid out correctly

Ask us about the best way to use absorbent socks and oil cushions at your company, and let us advise you on how to use our products as a preventive measure. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Simply contact us.