Umbrella stands

There is one thing that many companies have allowed to slip out of sight: umbrella stands. Even though there's almost nothing worse than a teeming mess of soggy umbrellas stacked in a corner. Umbrella stands will keep your entrance areas dry and clean. And when the design fits as well... everything will be perfect!

In the category Umbrella stands we offer you products of the following brands: VAR, eurokraft pro, helit.

Umbrella stands – a welcome solution for your visitors when the weather’s bad

The entrance and cloakroom area is one of your company’s best ways to make an impression. That's why it's important to pay special attention to the details in this area. One of these details is umbrella stands that allow you to solve a typical problem that the weather brings neatly and stylishly.

Why do I need umbrella stands in the company?

The umbrella is one of the most ingenious inventions to prevent drenched clothes and dripping hair. But what do you do with it when entering a building? If wet umbrellas are simply left in any old place, this not only makes things look a mess – the water will spread out over the floor, drip down the walls, or leave wet patches on the furniture. Not to mention the danger of slipping.

An umbrella stand is not only a way to store umbrellas in one place, but also to collect the dripping water. Many models in our range come with a removable water collection tray that is easy to empty and clean.

In addition, placing umbrellas upright in a well ventilated stand ensures that the umbrella dries faster and that water does not stream everywhere when it is opened again.

Where and how do I put up umbrella stands?

Typically, an umbrella stand is located near the coat rack. However, not making visitors or employees carry their dripping umbrella through the entire entrance area is more important. That's why you should also think about putting one up right next to the door.

As a special service for visitors, you could also put one or two umbrellas in the umbrella stands yourself – best of all ones in your corporate design. After all, you couldn't make a better impression than rushing to the aid of a customer in the event of a sudden downpour.

With these and many other small details, you can lend your company an outstanding corporate image. That's why you should take a closer look at our range of coat hangers and discover the advantages of modular office packages. We will be happy to help you make your selection personally.

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