ESD storage bins and containers

The best protection for state-of-the-art electronics? A perfectly equipped EPA – and the use of ESD storage bins and containers!

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    ESD storage bins and ESD containers – all-round protection and safety

    When working in an area where ESD is a concern, there is no second chance for a component to function. Even the smallest electrostatic discharge can cause irreversible damage to sensitive electronics. That's why you should also pay attention to the small details when choosing equipment. Specially developed ESD storage bins and ESD containers are a must.

    What distinguishes ESD stacking containers and ESD open fronted storage bins?

    Like most stacking containers or open fronted storage bins, they are made of plastics such as polypropylene. Plastics are barely conductive, but a charge can still build up due to friction. If this charge affects sensitive electronic goods, they will be destroyed or impaired even by the lowest of voltages. For this reason, only conductive ESD storage bins are suitable for ESD workstations, as they are made of material that precisely conducts discharges away from the goods due to the addition of particles.

    Of course, this only works if the rest of the equipment is also earthed and designed to equalise potential is a controlled manner. That's why ESD storage bins and the like should be stored in appropriate ESD shelving systems, on special ESD floor coverings and only be used in ESD workstations with comprehensive protective measures.

    Which ESD open fronted storage bin for which type of storage?

    When selecting your ESD stacking containers and ESD bins, proceed in the same way as you would when organising other storage or workshop areas. ESD open fronted storage bins can be fitted to ESD desks with special ESD accessories to keep production components and small parts ready for assembly. For transport or storage safe from dust and damage, ESD plastic cases or plastic containers with hinged lids are ideal.

    How do I handle ESD storage bins?

    When fitting out and handling ESD cases and similar products, employees should never forget that they themselves are one of the most frequent sources of unintentional discharges. This is not the only reasons why special ESD work clothing should be worn. An ESD wrist strap and connection to earth ensure that no potential equalisation occurs in the event of contact when moving around. Detailed specifications for the protection of electronic components against electrostatic phenomena can be found in EN 61340-5-1.

    You can find even more information on this interesting topic in our ESD product guide: Protection from damaging discharges.

    Feel free to contact us if you'd like some help when it comes to ESD storage bins!