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Cable winches can be used to lift workpieces and work materials weighing up to several hundred kilograms – only our electric chain hoists are capable of lifting more! Of course, you'll also find cable winches for construction for use in mobile applications.

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Cable winches and cable hoists – a space-saving alternative to a chain hoist

Cable winches and cable hoists are classic items of lifting technology. No wonder, as at the end of the day, there is always something that needs lifting, whether on the construction site or in the workshop and indoors or outdoors. Sometimes compact and flexible lifting devices are the best solution.

How do cable winches and cable hoists function?

No cable winch without a cable – or to be more precise, without a multiple strand steel cable that can also withstand heavy loads. Another integral component of cable winches is the drum onto which the cable is wound. This is why they are also referred to as a ''drum winch''.

Rotating the drum causes the cable to be raised or lowered, along with the load attached to it. This is carried out on some cable winches by turning a crank by hand. Electric cable winches are equipped with a motor and a remote control. All you need to do to lift or lower a load or keep it suspended in the air is to press the right button.

What are cable winches and cable hoists suitable for?

Cable winches are ideal as easy-to-operate lifting devices used to raise or move loads. While the load-bearing capacity is, with a few exceptions, lower than it would be when a chain hoist is used, our cable winches require little space and are pleasantly light in weight. Depending on the model, this makes them suitable for mobile use as well.

Mobile or stationary – when is which cable winch the right one?

The site of use and the purpose of use are decisive when selecting cable winches:

  • You'll find hand-operated cable winches at KAISER+KRAFT for mounting on the wall for installation in a fixed location in the warehouse, in production or in the workshop. Low in noise, compact and able to lift loads of up to several hundred kilograms.

  • Do you have more space available and would like to lift even higher weights? Then we would recommend an electric cable hoist with a load bearing capacity of up to 2000 kilograms.

  • Our cable winches for construction are an optimum solution outdoors on construction sites and in locations that vary. They are easy to attach using a hook, and can be operated by remote control. The automatic shut-off when the cable is wound increases the level of safety.

Would you like some help from an expert when making your choice? We're happy to advise you, and not only when purchasing cable winches. You'll find that KAISER+KRAFT also has block and tackle units and chain hoists, cranes, balancers and everything else that you need to lift and transport objects in your company.

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