Two-wheel hand trucks

It is the classic among the platform trolleys. The two-wheel hand truck. Ideal for heavy, unwieldy goods that need to be moved so often in industry, warehouse logistics and so forth. And best of all: the two-wheel hand truck is, as the name implies, moved by hand.

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Two-wheel hand trucks: tried-and-tested, versatile and simply good!

Why should you make your internal company logistics more complicated? Goods of the all sorts of types and shapes can be easily stacked on a two-wheeled hand truck, secured, and transported from A to B without much effort. Not only the fact that they need neither motors nor fuel make these tried-and-tested transport devices a wise decision. Their versatility also makes them so exceptionally popular.

Which hand trucks are available?

Whether two-wheeled or four-wheeled, whether as a version for long goods or as a box truck for tool transport: hand trucks can take on any the products or raw materials typically used in the factory. The turntable truck with and without side panels is possibly the most versatile model of all, and is designed with high maximum load capacities for use in industry.

Anything that could fall off during transport due to its small size or low weight is best stored in the two-wheeled hand truck with a side panel or railing. And as soon as pipes, slats or other long goods have to be transported in smaller quantities to the site of use, then the special turntable trucks for professional use are the ideal means of transport.

What must be considered when choosing a hand truck?

Like many platform trolleys, four-wheeled models offer a high maximum load capacity yet require little effort to move. And they always remain stable on their four smooth-running tyres. However, they require a little more room to manoeuvre and have a larger operating range.

This is why two-wheeled models with a small turning radius are more suitable for narrow warehouse aisles and areas with a smaller available space, much like sack trucks are. However, they have to be loaded and moved with a little more caution, as they have a slightly different centre of gravity.

As with all means of transport, such as container trucks, the same applies in the case: never exceed the maximum load capacity specified for your two-wheeled hand truck, and make sure that the wheels or tyres are suitable for the ground surface. There is no generally applicable answer to the question of whether a railing or side panels are necessary. However, small goods and loose items are always best transported in appropriately equipped models.

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