Two-wheel hand trucks

Designed to transport goods quickly and efficiently, hand trucks and turntable trucks are ideal pieces of equipment for you to add to your warehouse or workplace. These robust trucks and two-wheel trolleys are designed to take the strain, capable of holding very heavy loads and all kinds of unwieldy items.

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Using two-wheel hand trucks in the workplace

Don’t let your internal company logistics become complicated. Hand carts and turntable trucks can be used to stack, secure, and transport goods of all shapes and sizes without much effort. With a strong design, hand trucks are capable of handling large capacities and are extremely versatile, making them a very popular choice for warehouses.

Which hand trucks are available?

Two-wheel hand trucks

With two wheels, these hand trucks can be used vertically or horizontally to lift and move tall and heavy items. We have many options to choose from, including two-wheel hand trucks with cargo boxes, railings or platforms with no sides.

Four-wheel turntable trucks

Ideal for weighty objects, four-wheel hand trucks are reliable and strong, featuring a steering handle for easy transportation. Choose from four-wheel hand carts with a range of features, including puncture-proof tyres and boxes with side panels.

Long goods hand trucks

When moving large, long pieces of equipment or material, such as pipes, rods and beams, long goods hand carts should be used. Their design supports the flow of materials and goods, preventing them from tipping when moved.

Choosing a hand truck: important things to consider

You’ll first need to consider what it is that you need to transport. Different hand trucks have different load capacities and some are better at transporting certain items than others.

Four-wheeled models offer a maximum load capacity, yet require very little effort to move. With four tyres, they always remain stable, however, they require more room to manoeuvre due to their larger size.

Two-wheel hand trucks are more suitable for narrow warehouse aisles and areas with less space, just like sack trucks. They aren’t as stable as four-wheeled models, so need to be loaded and move with more caution.

Just like using any mode of transport in the workplace, the maximum load capacity must always be considered when using hand trucks. It’s also important to consider the ground surface to ensure the wheels and tyres are suitable. When it comes to railings or side panels, there are no rules to say whether or not they are necessary. However, they are probably most useful when transporting small goods or loose items, which may fall easily.

Hand trucks are extremely useful, particularly in warehouses and industrial environments. Within our range, you’ll find a wide variety of choices with different features to meet your requirements. If you need help deciding which design is right for your business, get in touch with our customer service team.