The acoustically effective Anny AC office furniture range will leave you amazed at the difference it makes when used in an open-plan office. Don’t give high noise levels a chance – opt for Anny AC furnishings.

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    The craft of choosing the right desk: office furniture by Anny AC

    Typing on a keyboard from the front, sheets of paper rustling on the left, people talking on the phone behind you and the constant whirring of the coffee machine – that sounds like a a completely normal day in an open-plan office. Communication is paramount in these spaces, but if colleagues feel they are disturbing everyone else, nothing is gained. That’s why many people opt for acoustically effective office furniture in open-plan spaces. The goal: to promote communication and concentration in equal measure.

    How can the Anny AC office furniture series help me?

    As anyone who has ever moved out of the premises will know: when there’s no furniture in the room, it echoes. Basically, every piece of furniture absorbs sound. And now you can purchase your new office shelf with an acoustic rear panel that also minimises resonance. This has been shown to reduce noise levels, while the ability of employees to concentrate increases accordingly.

    Was something going on? Oh, you didn’t notice that at all! That sounds much better, doesn’t it?

    The clever feature of the Anny AC office furniture series: the acoustic rear panel

    Whether sideboard, filing cabinet or shelf unit, all Anny AC furniture features an acoustic rear panel. It does its job particularly well when it is set up as a freestanding item of furniture.

    Of course, it’s effortless to combine this office furniture with the Anny office furniture series. That’s where you will find matching desks, for example. You can use more or less acoustically effective furniture according to the space available and the requirements made of it. As we know that office furnishings – whether for a single room or an open-plan area – cannot be planned in five minutes, our planning experts will be happy to help you with this should you so desire. Noise absorption and the right choice of individual components from office furniture series such as Anny AC are also part of the process.

    Apart from Anny AC furniture, what other products are suitable for noise absorption in open-plan offices?

    Clearly, if you want your acoustically effectively office to be equipped just right, you need more than just the Anny AC office cupboards and shelf units. During planning and consultation, we can choose the other options together, such as partition wall systems or functional wall absorbers like cork pinboards. Our water and plant walls also offer an additional highlight for the room climate and design. Their micro-perforated steel housing with sound absorbers at the rear can also effectively reduce resonance.

    Would you like to get started right away? We will be happy to help you at any time.