Wheelie bins & Outdoor bins

Toss it in the trash. But not just anywhere; make sure it's a wheelie bin or in a recycling bin intended for this purpose. You'll find waste bins with large containers, waste bin systems and waste bins made by EUROKRAFT that are particularly functional, easy to handle and ergonomic.

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Robust rubbish bins and wheelie bin in different colours for consistent waste separation

Everything is grey and black? No wonder you get confused when separating waste. Our rubbish bins in different colours will help you to maintain an overview when emptying recyclable waste collectors and rubbish bins. Green for organic waste, blue for paper, yellow for plastics and so on – this ensures the waste basically sorts itself. And if you want to add an additional dash of colour, you'll even find we have waste bins in the colour black!

You can also leave our rubbish bins standing in outdoor areas in any weather. After all, they are made of durable, chemical resistant and temperature resistant plastic. And because they're nice and light in weight, our waste bins remain mobile even when filled to the brim. A lid dampening mechanism will ensure your ears don't suffer either.

Lockable and fireproof waste collectors for difficult tasks

Waste can sometimes be a fire hazard. For this type of situation, we recommend waste bins made of hot dip galvanised sheet steel. They ensure safety is maintained even when the waste contains oil, and they also look good – even without paint.

You'll also benefit from additional safety and feel more secure when you lock the bins. A lock prevents strangers from dumping their rubbish in with your seperated waste. Furthermore, the contents remain exactly where they belong should the waste container be accidentally blown over during the storms. If you'd like to dispose of documents that you don't ever want either your neighbour or your colleague to read, then paper bins with a paper slot guarantee that sensitive waste remains confidential.

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