There's no need to stand in the rain, sit on a soggy bicycle seat or read waterlogged letters and newspapers ever again. Shelters or canopies will banish these problems for once and for all. Smoking shelters or shelters are ideally suited for entrance areas, for cellar entrances, bicycle parking areas and garage driveways. Not to mention bus stops and above-ground train stations.

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Canopies and shelters – stay dry no matter the weather

Did you know that on average, it rains almost as often in Berlin as it does in Copenhagen, that's 166 days a year? Brussels receives 206 days of rain, and Liverpool almost 20 days more. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do to change that. But we're happy to help to keep your employees comfortable and sheltered when they are waiting for the bus when it's pouring down, or want to take a cigarette break. Canopies and shelters from kaiserkraft will keep things dry in outdoor areas and put an end to soggy bicycle saddles when riding home – and smoking shelters ensure clothing remains dry during the break.

Refuges and shelters in different sizes and versions

Our refuges will do more than put a roof over your head. They are made of robust materials like steel, profiled sheet metal and single pane safety glass, and the fittings that allow them to be permanently anchored to the ground mean they provide reliable protection from the rain. To ensure this is true in any location and whichever direction the wind is blowing from, shelters with a rear wall and one or two side walls are also available in our shop.

Or you could put your own refuge together. There are modular versions that will allow you to remain flexible. Combine different components according to your requirements, arrange the walls to provide privacy or add transparent ones, and save space with bicycle hangers instead of classic bicycle racks. Of course, we also offer separate smoking shelters too!

Representative appearance for bus and smoking shelters

A stylish design ensures that the refuges available from kaiserkraft harmonise with your outdoor areas aesthetically. And they give you a choice, for example between different colours and styles, and pitched roofs or flat roofs. Refuges that offer all round protection make smokers' corners particularly pleasant to use. And they are even available from us with a door that can be locked.

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