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Create your own mobile safe space for hot work with our mobile screens. Masks are available to suit your budget. Floor protection blankets and tarp catch splashes and prevent floor damage.

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Welding protection – safe from sparks, light and fumes

Welding protection means welding goggles? That is, at most, half the truth. After all, if you weld professionally, you need more to protect yourself and your surroundings. This aside, our welding masks are better than any welding goggles. But let's start at the beginning.

What does welding protection cover?

Some people weld wearing T-shirts and sandals. We don't think that's a good idea. After all, welding not only produces heat that can damage your eyes. It also causes flying sparks and toxic fumes.

That is why you are legally obliged to provide employees with the necessary protective equipment for welding. And that's why you can get a wide range of protective work clothing at kaiserkraft, from safety shoes and trousers to gloves and hearing protection. Clothing that provides protection even at high temperatures.

Then there is the matter of eyes and face. Not to forget your surroundings. After all, the best work clothes are of little use if a spark sets the workshop on fire.

How to find the ideal welding protection

1st step: Automatic welding mask instead of goggles

Let's start with your eyes and face and the reasons why our premium welding masks are better than welding goggles:

  • Automatic welding masks automatically adjust the light field to the brightness. They darken when you are welding, and become lighter as soon as you are finished. This means your employees are properly protected when they are welding and have a clear view when they are not – without the hassle of putting a mask on and taking it off.

  • The mask protects the whole face from sparks and other dangers, not just the eyes.

2nd step: Protective screens, tarpaulins, spatter protection blankets

You can purchase the following products at kaiserkraft to protect people and things in your surroundings:

  • Protective welders' screens provide an effective shield against arcs, radiation and spatter. They are available with and without louvres and with wheels for more flexibility.

  • If you only need a screen without a frame, a welding protection tarpaulin is a good alternative. You can also join them together if you need the wall to be larger.

  • We recommend one or more spatter protection blankets to lay on the floor.

Standards and specifications – what to observe

Because nothing should be left to chance when it comes to welding, welding protection must comply with certain standards, for example, protective welders' screens walls must comply with ISO EN 25980. In the case of welding helmets, the decisive factor is protection levels or darkening levels. We also offer welding masks that can be adapted to different protection levels for different welding tasks. Apart from that, criteria such as weight, dimensions and mobility play a role.

Are you still unsure about something? We will be happy to help you make the right decision. Not only when it comes to choosing welding protection, but also if you have questions about other products for occupational safety, company equipment or office furnishings.

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