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Welding protection

Create your own mobile safe space for hot work with our mobile screens. Masks are available to suit your budget. Floor protection blankets and tarp catch splashes and prevent floor damage.

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Welding protection for safety during welding work
Welding should only ever be carried out using welding protection. When work is carried out in the workshop, or in industrial production, welding represents an important work step in many projects. When welding, the welders must make sure they have the corresponding welding protection. Along with all the sparks flying around, the light being produced when welding is another risk factor. By using a protective welders' hood or protective welders' screens, welders can effectively protect themselves, and other persons, from these risks. Welding protection guarantees the necessary safety at the workplace. And because occupational safety is a very important topic, you will also find protective clothing, safety shoes, protective gloves and breathing, eye and hearing protection in our online shop.

Robust welding protection equipment
Professional welding protection is characterised by allowing work to be carried out without problems, and by not obstructing it. High quality and cleverly designed welding helmets from KAISER+KRAFT are not only stable and protect the user from welding fumes and welding light, but are also pleasant to wear. This makes problem free work possible. The special protective glass panels are also suitable for people who wear glasses. Changing batteries is not necessary because the latest solar cells are used. Being able to trust professional equipment and robust welding protection when performing welding work is important. High quality welding protection screens guarantee a firm stand and reliable protection from flying sparks, and allow the welder's working area to be screened off. Helmets also provide a firm hold to make work easier. The selection of high quality materials ensures that optimum protection is always provided. Well thought out designs for the welding protection equipment also contribute to proper protection when welding. The conceptual design of the equipment for welding protection is developed under conditions that are based on practical factors, in order to achieve optimal results when it is being used. Innovative solutions such as mobile welding protection walls supplement the areas of use for this functional equipment.