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Workshop desks

You can also deliver authoritative speeches in the workshop and warehouse: if you want to give your employees instructions, then you need a pedestal desk or a workshop desk. You'll be seen. You'll be heard. And these desks have even more to offer: space for storage, mobility, and organisation.
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14 items found
Pedestal desks and workshop desks
Pedestal desks are usually associated with a lectern and presentations. However, these pedestal desks are not only used for presentation and moderation purposes, but can also be used in modern industrial workshops as a workshop desk. Workshop trolleys and workbenches are by far not the only inventory items with a practical purpose in the workshop. Pedestal desks can be used in the workshop as a storage surface for work instructions, specifications and manuals, as well as providing a writing surface when creating reports and checking the individual work steps. While the top area functions as a writing desk or storage desk, the lower part of the pedestal desk can be used in a wide variety of different ways. Several drawers can be integrated, allowing tools, instructions and writing materials to be stored, or there are cupboard doors behind which sorting compartments are located. Individual storage shelves in the pedestal desk may be left open and be accessible to all – without drawers or doors to ensure things can be stored there that everyone needs fast access to.

Mobile desks for the workshop
A pedestal desk with castors can be highly practical in the workshop area, because individual workers usually don't stay in one and the same place when working. A mobile pedestal can, for example, be pushed from vehicle to vehicle in the mechanic's workshop. This ensures you can record in writing what was done by whom on which vehicle. Important daily reports can be created by the person responsible on a stationary desk. At the end of the day, the number of replies and the number of replies processed, for example, as well as the number of packages packed for dispatch, can be recorded. Using these numbers, key statistics for the company can be created. Folders with the daily reports for a number of months can be cleverly stored using a small storage space below the pedestal desk. Whether a mobile desk or a standing desk – they allow workshops and factories to remain highly organised in every area of work, and allow analyses to be made.


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