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No meeting room, no break room, no waiting room is complete without one: a large, easy to read and unostentatious clock on the wall. To guarantee that you'll find the right model, we have a large range of wall clocks in different sizes and models. We also have products suitable for time recording.

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Clocks and systems for time recording: Office Wall Clock

It is the theory of relativity of the economy and as such cannot be refuted: time is money. To ensure that you and your employees are always up to date and can evaluate working times in terms of efficiency, kaiserkraft offers wall clocks and time recording systems for all possible company sizes.

High time for office wall clocks

Despite wristwatches and smartphones, wall clocks are a must in a company. Also because one or the other might not always be available everywhere or cannot be used for technical reasons. A single glance is enough – if the display is easy to read. Choose the technology and design of your wall clock carefully: Do you need a dial with additional display of temperature and humidity? Does a radio-controlled clock work perfectly in a workshop built with steel girders? What are the recommended lighting conditions for a black dial? Every question counts, every detail is important. We stock quartz and radio-controlled clocks in various materials, sizes and layouts. There is also sure to be a suitable model for your company.

Time recording systems seamlessly map flexible working times

Complete mapping of working time accounts is a basic prerequisite for efficient management. Especially with flexible working hours, companies always keep an overview with the time recording devices from kaiserkraft. Core time, flexitime or time out: everything under control! We have the right clock for every company size, from the electronic time clock for 50 employees to the intelligent recording system for up to 2000 users. Depending on choice, including 3D facial recognition, RFID and PIN. And the attractive design of the devices also fits seamlessly into the appearance of any high-quality office equipment. Sounds like state-of-the-art technology – so is the investment worth it? Of course. Employees and companies alike benefit from this. For example, if this allows the working time of the personnel to be economically planned so that the extra hours worked during high workloads can be taken off when production is low.

Efficiency as a win-win business – we'll help you achieve this. Talk to us, we'll be happy to advise you.

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