Incorrectly stamped letters, packages and parcels cause discontent, because delivery is delayed. The result: the delivery date falls through, the customer is angry, the employees frustrated. You might be better offer buying professional scales right now.

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    Scales – exact measurements for efficient work processes

    Just imagine – you'd stop weighing things, effective tomorrow. Half of your parcels are returned because you haven't put enough stamps on them, the warehouse and laboratory are rapidly descending into chaos, and your customers are complaining that you are sending them the wrong quantities. It doesn't sound like much fun, does it? No more thought experiments like this – just make sure you've got scales from kaiserkraft.

    Our scales can do more than weigh things

    Simply pop something on the scales, read the weight out, and you're done. We are happy to make things this straightforward for you. However, many of our scales are capable of so much more – weighing packaging and contents separately, for example, or measuring quantities using reference weights you have saved to the device. The latter function is a huge help when putting together small parts during order picking work. With a weighing range of up to 3 tonnes, you will find that kaiserkraft also has scales for real heavyweights. Our calibrated scales can be used to make cost calculations easy.

    Scales for the table and the floor, the laboratory and for industry

    One decisive factor when deciding which set of scales to purchase is the question of where the scales will be set up, and what will be set down on them. Tabletop scales are suitable for working out the postage due for small packages, and floor scales are great for order picking small parts in the workshop or production, while platform scales are ideal for large goods. Weighing with a pallet is also possible. All you have to do is use one of our pallet scales.

    Our stainless steel laboratory scales are specifically made for the laboratory. Also available: crane, pocket and analysis scales. Are there times when precise still isn't precise enough for you, for example in the laboratory? Then we recommend one of our precision scales. They are even available with a wind guard so that environmental factors don't falsify the results. As you can see, there's absolutely no reason not to weigh things. If you need any help choosing your new scales, just contact us!