Sealing, labelling

Sensitive goods require careful handling. By labelling cardboard boxes, you make it clear that your packages must be handled with care. Our sealing materials, such as adhesive and packing tapes, cable ties and cords, staplers and staple guns ensure that your packages are always perfectly sealed and the contents are safe.

Sealing and labelling cardboard boxes: for parcel handling with kid gloves

In mail order logistics, things have to move fast. But some parcels mustn’t be thrown, tilted or stacked. Simply hope for caution by the parcel service provider? Better not. Cardboard box seals and cardboard box labels ensure that your goods arrive at the recipient just as they left your factory.

How do I find the right cardboard box seals?

Adhesive and packing tapes are the all-rounders among cardboard box seals. You also save time thanks to adhesive tape dispensers. Pay particular attention to the adhesive properties and tape thicknesses in this case:

  • If your shipments are to pass through several climatic zones or be in transit for a long time, use adhesive tapes with strong adhesive force and an extra stable bond.

  • Lightweight cardboard boxes shipped a short shipping distance can also be sent using cheaper models and innovations such as paper tape. The advantage for the customer: it can be easily detached from the cardboard box so that it can be reused.

  • If you want to make sure that your parcel is tamper proof when it is sent, gummed tapes are a practical alternative to seals. These tapes are applied wet and cannot be removed without damage – so the customer can immediately see whether someone has tampered with the parcel.

Staplers and staple guns are ideal aids for closing cardboard boxes and applying cardboard boxes labels to large format deliveries, strapped wooden containers etc. The staples join thick walled cardboard boxes more securely than any packing tape.

Film sealing devices and cardboard box sealers are just as useful for small parts bags as they are for the automated sealing of cardboard boxes for very high shipping volumes.

Cable ties and cords are less ideal for the outer packaging than for organisation and security in the box. They seal small containers, prevent cables from getting tangled, etc.

Delivery note pockets and document pouches ensure that invoices, delivery notes and other important documents are not accidentally thrown away: choose from our wide and sustainable range of printed accompanying paper pouches, self adhesive transparent delivery note pockets and opaque or waterproof document pouches.

What do I need to pay attention to when labelling cardboard boxes?

Marking cardboard boxes fulfils two tasks: it should clearly identify the recipient in a machine readable way and provide important information on how to handle the package. There are many factors to consider when selecting and applying special markings and labels. The most important ones are:

  • Package contents

  • Shipping route (land, air, sea)

  • Machine readability at the logistics service provider

  • Damage and tamper resistance as insurance for the customer

  • International regulations and laws

In general, you should pay attention to fast legibility when labelling the cardboard box. All stickers and labels must be clear and easy to understand, must not contradict each other, and should be placed at specific points on the package. Please also read our guide on the right way to package goods.

If you have any further questions about sealing and labelling cardboard boxes, please do not hesitate to contact us.