Hammer drills and impact hammers

For work on hard materials: hammer drills are truly versatile tools of the trade. Featuring a the chisel and drill function, it is easy to break up masonry and concrete using impact hammers. Whether it’s a hammer drill with an additional handle or a model that includes a handyman’s case – discover the range available in the online shop at kaiserkraft!

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Hammer drills and impact hammers: for work on hard materials

From hard concrete to robust bricks: hammer drills and impact hammers make it easy to drill holes in what are otherwise tough materials. They even get through stone and metal. The professional power tools have plenty of power, meaning you can save your strength.

Hammer drills: when are they used?

An impact drill relies on a combination of mechanical impact and counterpressure applied by the user. A hammer drill, on the other hand, features a striking mechanism. The axial motion and an impact energy totalling about 3.2 joules allows the impact hammer to work its way into the workpiece largely by itself. Users therefore do not need to apply pressure, and instead only ensure the machine is precisely guided. When it comes to particularly hard materials such as reinforced concrete or masonry, a hammer drill is the right choice – because it reduces the signs of fatigue exhibited by your employees. It is also suitable for any tasks requiring chiselling.

Buying an impact hammer: what do you need to bear in mind?

When selecting hammer drills, the no-load speed and the potential thicknesses you will be drilling through are decisive factors, along with the impact force. What’s more, a tool must be selected that is suitable for the substrate. An impact hammer is a suitable choice if you want to drill or chisel into concrete, masonry, wood or metal.

In addition, protective equipment is recommended. Wear eye protection. This will protect you from swirling dust and material that is removed. When the metal used to make the hammer drill bit hits stone with force, things will also get loud. Ear protection is therefore also advisable.

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