Hammer drills and impact hammers

Is the substrate turning out to be a particularly hard nut to crack? All resistance is useless when professional hammer drills and impact hammers are available! Especially when you place your faith in high quality, brand-name equipment.

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Hammer drills and impact hammers: for the really tough cases

In those cases in which even powerful drills have to pass, hammer drills and impact hammers are in their element. They take on the hardest concrete, the hardest fired bricks and extremely hardwearing stone. Even metal is no match for them.

Hammer drill or impact drill: when do I use what?

There is a clear rule of thumb for power tools: use as much power as necessary – but always consider the properties of the material and demands of the task. If only to conserve your strength.

An impact hammer exploits the interplay between mechanical impact and the counterpressure applied by the user. The impact function therefore becomes more powerful the more you exert force on the machine while working. Once a certain material hardness is reached, this not only becomes tiring, but also stops progress being made. Hammer drills use a hammer mechanism that more or less works its own way into the workpiece by means of an axial motion. As the user, all you need to do is guide the machine precisely.

On average, a hammer drill produces an impact energy of about 3.2 joules. A high quality impact drill only produces around 2.4 joules. However, the hammer drill draws less power, and is therefore at a disadvantage compared to drills and impact drills when it comes to many tasks when the material isn't quite as hard.

This is why hammer drills and impact hammers are the right tool to have when the substrate is particularly stubborn. Holes in masonry and reinforced concrete won't be a challenge any more. Furthermore, hammer drills can also chisel and gouge. Impact drills, on the other hand, are true multi-talents and provide the convenience of user safety, even for newcomers to DIY work.

What safety measures should be observed when working with a hammer drill?

In general, we recommend using the appropriate protective equipment when working with hammer drills and impact hammers – even if there are no particular occupational safety regulations to observe. Wear eye protection, at the very least, to protect yourself against any dust being kicked up and material being removed. When metal hits stone with force, things also become noisy. Hearing protection is therefore also recommended.

What should you keep in mind when making a purchase?

Not only must your power tool be prepared for the most demanding applications – the drills chosen should also be exactly right for the substrate. Along with the impact force, before buying our products, also assess them by idle speed, the drilling thicknesses possible, and the chuck type. Are we able to help you with your selection? Of course! Please do not hesitate to contact us.