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Clear visual signals: barriers regulate traffic on company premises and on public roads, and identify areas that present a risk. They provide a practical option when paths or roads are to be blocked off or access to certain parts of the premises needs to be prevented. From small access barriers to entire barrier systems – a diverse selection of barriers awaits you in the online shop at kaiserkraft.

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Access barriers – for clear guidance

Barriers offer a way to restrict access to certain areas. For example, employees or visitors can only enter the company premises after they have shown their ID badge. Access barriers are also suitable for blocking off areas. The different barrier products in our range allow you to create clear routing.

How to use barrier systems productively on company premises

The advantage of barrier systems: they attract attention and regulate traffic on your company premises. For example, you can use access barriers to prevent cyclists from using footpaths and thereby reduce the risk of accidents. Barriers also prevent unauthorised persons from parking their vehicles in the company car park. This allows you to ensure that only company employees park their cars on the premises – a factor which is also important for insurance reasons.

Access barriers, together with other products used as barriers and markings, are an indispensable item when it comes to safety at the company. Height limiters, for example, supplement the range of different barriers available. With their reflective surface, they clearly indicate the maximum height that the trucks, buses and other vehicles may have if they wish to pass – without endangering drivers, other employees or the load being transported.

Are there specific regulations for access barriers?

As part of the company premises, barrier systems are covered by the Workplace Ordinance and the Industrial Safety and Health Ordinance. Depending on the type of motor installed and the mode of operation, barriers are treated as doors and gates in these regulations. This means that every barrier must be installed in a way that guides people and vehicles.

In addition, access barriers clearly demarcate roadways and footpaths from each other, and minimise the risk of collisions. This means that barrier systems in combination with other markings and barriers are an element of the company safety concept – and make hazardous areas visible and reduce the risk of accidents.

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