Hazardous goods storage

Hazardous goods are used in all sorts of industries and in innumerable factories. Reason enough to offer you outstanding, multi-industry products for storing hazardous goods, ones which satisfy all legal requirements and combine safety with practical benefits and user-friendliness.

Hazardous goods storage indoors and outdoors

''Better safe than sorry'' is a popular saying. And there are substances which really will make you sorry should something go wrong when keeping them in storage. When you use our products for hazardous goods storage, then you will, in any case, be on the safe side. Whether gas cylinders or chemicals, small containers, drums or tank containers – we have the right storage options for you.

When due caution should be exercised in storage

Legislators speak of hazardous substances when they exhibit one or several of the following properties: easily flammable, oxidising, toxic, caustic or corrosive, explosive and/or hazardous to the environment. Substances or compounds like this present an acute danger for your employees and the environment should they escape, or to be more exact, in the event of a leak. This is why you will require containers and protective equipment that have been explicitly designed for the respective hazardous substance for hazardous goods storage; special products for hazardous goods storage and collection systems, hazardous goods cupboards and hazardous goods containers... You'll soon find exactly what you need in the online shop maintained by kaiserkraft.

How to tell which product suits which hazardous substance

This is best done using the hazardous goods symbols. You won't just find them on the packaging for hazardous goods, but also among our products for hazardous goods storage. They ensure you immediately know what goes together. And the approval granted for our products is also visible at a glance by looking at the test certification shown. Do you still have questions? You'll find many of the answers in our purchasing guide ''Information on regulation-compliant storage of hazardous media''.

Which products play a key role in hazardous goods storage

Hazardous goods storage is unthinkable without sump trays. These are always specified when containers with water hazardous liquids or flammable liquids are being stored. They prevent any content that accidentally leaks from ending up on the floor or contaminating the ground water. Making a distinction between two types of material is important:

  • Steel: suitable for water hazardous and flammable liquids

  • Plastic: suitable for corrosive and water hazardous liquids

Our COSHH cabinets, hazardous goods shelving and containers are already equipped with the right sump tray. In all other cases, you can purchase them from us individually – and this in different variations and sizes, of course.

This leaves the question of where you wish to store your hazardous goods. Many companies decide to store hazardous media at a safe distance in outdoor areas. For cases like these, you'll find that kaiserkraft has hazardous goods storage units and containers in different sizes: drum and small container depots for small to large quantities, hazardous good shelf unit containers with several storage levels for large quantities, and gas cylinder cupboards and containers in different sizes. Containers insulated against cold are ideal for storing hazardous media that are sensitive to temperature over the full year. Pumps and accessories for drum handling make the management of hazardous liquids much easier.

Safety containers and hazardous goods shelving made of galvanised sheet steel, and which can be individually extended, are suitable for indoor areas. Or you decide to purchase one of our hazardous goods storage cupboards.

Who can you ask when you're not sure?

You can ask us. Our experts for hazardous goods storage will help you to select the right storage options. And if our shop doesn't have exactly what you need to satisfy your requirements right along the line, then we'll be happy to realise individual solutions for your own individual needs.

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