Pedestal desks

Take a deep breath. Concentrate. And let's go! Each speech, every address is a minor challenge that needs to be overcome. Isn't is great that you can rely on our lecterns and pedestal desks? Being height adjustable, having a large top surface and boasting all sort of other features, they're guaranteed to make your next conference or presentation a resounding success!

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Pedestal desks: you've got something important to say – and show it too!

During a successful talk, the audience takes in everything you wish to say. But for this to happen, many aspects of the presentation and moderation have to intertwine. Here pedestal desks play a key part which is often not immediately apparent.

What do pedestal desks add to presentations and moderation?

From ''Ich bin ein Berliner'' to ''I have a dream'': almost every important sentence in recent history has been uttered from a lectern. Even if you don't intend to make any world-changing speeches, lecterns and pedestal desks still lend weight to the talk – and in more than one respect too:

first they give the speaker security. He or she has a place to put their notes or implements for attaching to mobile pinboards. They can hold onto the desk and support themselves and assume a confident posture. They have a point to focus on the presentation surface and therefore feel less exposed and vulnerable.

Secondly, the audience has a visual focal point to which they can direct their gaze. This in turn enables them to concentrate better when listening and to process what is being said. Thirdly – and here we're back to the key sentences in history – pedestal desks always evoke the impression of significance and importance.

How do I use pedestal desks in the office?

A piece of furniture that is only used on special occasions would be verging on a wasted investment. So isn't it great that our pedestal desks and lecterns can also be used in everyday office work. They're ideal as mobile standing workstations that your staff can use at any time.

If people work on laptops, etc. while standing, this puts pressure on the circulatory system in a healthy and effective manner. You could, incidentally, ''misuse'' many of our projector trolleys in this way too.

Of course, lecterns and pedestal desks also perform their real task in a smaller setting and structure workshops or team sessions in a conference room, for example. For more information on options for the perfect presentation, you can contact our staff by phone or email at any time.

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