Pedestal desks

Whether you’re delivering a speech, a company presentation or morning briefing, a lectern or podium stand will help to ensure you’re confident and ready. Within our range, we have a variety of designs to choose from, guaranteed to make your next conference a resounding success.

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The purpose of lecterns or podium stands

During a successful talk, the audience takes in everything you wish to say. But for this to happen, many aspects of the presentation and moderation have to intertwine. That’s where lecterns, podium stands, and pedestal desks come in.

Lecterns provide security

With a podium stand, the speaker will have a place to put their notes. They can also hold onto the desk and support themselves to assume a confident posture. They have a point to focus on the presentation surface and therefore, feel less exposed and vulnerable.

Lecterns give the audience a focal point

By doing so, the audience will know how to direct their gaze. This in turn enables them to concentrate better when listening and to process everything that’s being said.

How to use podium stands and pedestal desks in offices and workspaces

A piece of furniture that is only used on special occasions would be verging on a wasted investment. So, isn't it great that our pedestal desks and lecterns can also be used in everyday office work? They're ideal to use as mobile standing workstations, enabling your staff to use them at any time.

The different types of lecterns, podium stands and pedestal desks

Lecterns come in all different shapes and sizes. There are traditional and contemporary designs in wood, acrylic and metal. Our range boasts different designs to appeal to different environments, such as schools, churches, offices, factories, warehouses, and more.

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