Laminating devices will help you to protect important documents from dirt, moisture, wear and damage efficiently. Regardless of whether they are used with certificates, reports, price lists or presentation documents – laminating devices use laminating film to make your documents robust, durable and forgery-proof.

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Laminators – ensuring important documents are well protected

In order to protect documents from external influences, make sure you laminate them with one of our laminators. This will give them optimal protection and ensure they still make a good impression years later. kaiserkraft has laminating devices in different sizes, such as A3 & A4 for occasional and frequent laminating, and for every requirement. Learn more about the differences between them here.

When is the use of laminating devices worth your while?

Laminating documents provides several benefits:

  • Your documents look neat and tidy.

  • They are resistant to dirt and moisture.

  • Laminated documents provide protection from forgery.

This makes the use of laminators particularly suitable for documents that pass through many pairs of hands, and which need to make a good impression, such as certificates, photos, reports, presentation materials and menus.

Which device is best when lots of laminating is done?

Do you or your employees laminate a lot, and this regularly? Then speed will play an important role. After all, there are more important things to do that spend half your time at work standing over the laminating device.

Eager laminaters will find the throughput speed to be decisive. It indicates how many millimetres the device can laminate per minute. Basic models manage 300 mm/min, while premium models manage five times as much – a difference that soon makes itself felt. Sensors that automatically set the right temperature and speed save additional time. Anyone who laminates documents several times a day will also profit from a brief warm up time. An integrated automatic shutdown function switches the laminating devices available from kaiserkraft to standby when not in use, saving energy. You'll also find our devices are available in different sizes for A3 and A4 formats.

Why do more rollers offer an advantage?

Do you make exacting demands of quality? To obtain optimal results for photos, important presentation materials and similar documents, we recommend paying attention to the number of rollers that pull the documents through the device. The more of them a laminating device features, the more uniform and presentable the laminated document appears. Our premium models boast six rollers instead of two for crease-free results.

What else do you need for lamination?

Even when you've got your laminator from kaiserkraft, you'll still need film or laminating pouches. You can also purchase those from us, just like many other office machines and the matching accessories needed to keep work progressing smoothly, such as document shredders and air purifiers.

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