Working platforms for forklift trucks

Off we go: safe work aids that will help you scale great heights in warehouses and workshops. Our working platforms allow you to carry out your craft safely and comfortably in high places.

In the category Working platforms for forklift trucks we offer you products of the following brands: MUNK, Pramac.

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    Access safety platforms: carrying you safely up high

    Some work on the company premises or in the warehouse has to be performed high up. But simply standing on a ladder and hoping that it's secure & safe? We've got a better solution: use access safety platforms for stackers or w

    orking platforms for forklift trucks

    s and, instead, work comfortably, safely and flexibly.

    Where are access safety platforms used?

    In contrast to, for example, lifting tables and most lifting equipment, access platforms are not designed for moving materials but for transporting people, with tools, to areas that are difficult to reach.

    By using them flexibly with manoeuvrable stackers or cranes, they are suitable for many jobs in the company. These include:

    • Installation, repair or maintenance

    • Visual checks and inspections of superstructures, high racking, etc.

    • Direct access to high shelving

    • Cleaning high windows or façade elements

    • Tending to trees or outdoor areas

    What is the maximum height for access safety platforms?

    Most of the access safety platforms that we offer are best used with stackers. The maximum working height of the platform is the sum of the platform and user/load with the corresponding maximum working height of the stacker.

    How much does an access safety platform cost?

    In our product range you'll see price differences between the individual models. These are due to numerous factors which interact closely:

    • Ability to be used with various industrial trucks

    • Possible working height

    • Load capacity and floor area size

    • Details such as tool trays or rollers

    When it comes to safety or high quality, however, there are no grades. You can always rely on the experience and care of notable manufacturers such as EUROKRAFTpro.

    Lifting platforms – how safe are they?

    Although the numerous safety regulations make it sound that work platforms are dangerous to use, as a user you are safe – as long as you abide by these regulations. Furthermore, the models themselves have essential safety equipment such as anchors, all round safety fencing, etc.

    Please note the PM28 regulations from HSE. We are happy to source PM28 platforms that conform to the regulation.

    We would be happy to give you personal advice concerning safety or product selection.

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