ESD work tables and work chairs

An ESD workstation without ESD chairs and desks is nothing other than an earthed storage space. To ensure that each of your components delivers perfect precision and absolute functionality, take a closer look at ergonomics and ease of use.

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ESD work chairs and ESD work desks: safe and voltage-free work

While those working in the office and administration will worry about the ergonomics of swivel chairs and work desks, in the ESD area (just about) everything is focused on equalising potential in a controlled way. Go without comfortable and healthy posture when working? That's not an option – today's ESD work chairs, from stools and industrial chairs to swivel chairs, offer perfect solutions in combination with ESD work desks!

Why do I need special work desks and work chairs for the ESD area?

Even if work desks are used in one and the same place and there’s almost no friction to charge them electrostatically, they are still basic items of essential equipment for an ESD workstation. Static charging primarily occurs when staff use them, and due to contact with work utensils on the desktop. That is why ESD work desks are made of dissipative materials – from the melamine top to the feet of the frame, which included an element to connect them to earth.

When it comes to work chairs, the way a charge builds up is obvious: wheels and castors rub against the floor, work clothes rub on the seat – which is why ESD-compliant designs make a real difference when your employees are required to handle sensitive electronic components.

Which ESD products are suitable for which work area?

One particular challenge when configuring these areas is the cleanroom: in medical laboratories in particular, but in chip production or in the pharmaceutical industry as well, for example, not only must there be no risk of ESD, but contamination with particulates must be kept to a minimum. Cleanroom work tables and chairs are not only conductive, but also satisfy the requirements of ISO 14644-1 in regard to cleanliness classes. Extra smooth surfaces and workmanship that leaves as few joins as possible make hygiene and cleaning easier.

Even if cleanroom standards do not apply, simple cleanliness is a must in the ESD area. Ergonomics do, however, still come first: the height of ESD-compatible chairs and desks is easy to adjust and thereby promote correct working posture, taking the strain off employees.

When choosing between an industrial stool and a complex swivel chair with all the ergonomic features imaginable, you should always opt for a model that suits the workstation best. The longer the work takes and the more concentration that is required, the more equipment features the ESD chair should have.

Which ESD accessories are essential?

One of the most important causes of discharges between an ESD chair, ESD desk and a sensitive work item is the person using them. This is why personnel in the ESD area must always be equipped with earthed ESD accessories (such as the ESD wrist strap) and wear ESD work clothing. ESD floor coverings under the chairs and tables ensure a reliable discharge of any static.

You can find out exactly how all these factors interact in our ESD product guide: Protection from damaging discharges.