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Long, longer, longest: your stored goods. Good, better, best of all: our cantilever racking units. Cantilever racking units are ideally suitable for vertical and horizontal storage of long goods as well as panels and sheets.

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Cantilever racking units: a storage solution on an extraordinary scale

Cantilever racking units are indispensable for companies in which heavy goods that are sold by the metre are part of everyday business. This does not refer to lightweight materials, but rather to long planks of wood, pipes or whole bales of building materials. Cantilever racking units feature an exceptionally clever design to store these products safely.

What makes cantilever racking units so special?

As the name already suggests, these shelf units consist of horizontal cantilever arms that are attached to vertical supports. This means there are no shelves, and the load is uniformly distributed among the cantilever arms.

This makes the storage of products that are sold as long goods up to several metres in length possible, as well as sorting them and removing them safely and in a well-arranged manner. Not only does the special design ensure this, but also by an end stop on each arm.

What needs to be considered when cantilever racking units are used?

Depending on the volume of goods for handling and the way the warehouse is organised, cantilever racking units with an identical cantilever arm length, or ones fitted with arms with a decreasing arm length, might be suitable. Each arm has individual load capacities, which add up to form the load bearing capacity of the entire racking unit and apply to a uniformly distributed load.

You can choose between one-sided and two-sided models, which should be selected according to the way they are positioned in the warehouse. Keep in mind that cantilever racking units make a relatively large amount of space for manoeuvring necessary, as this is the only way to guarantee safe removal of the long goods.

Due to the special load centre prerequisites of these shelf units and because of the nature of the goods, it is essential to erect the shelf units on a level floor and to bolt them to the ground.

A first aid to orientation for making a selection is offered by the classification of our shelf units into medium duty and heavy duty models. Many of our cantilever racking unit uprights are also suitable for sorting goods on pallets. However, we also have specific pallet racks in our product range, which are the more practical choice for certain warehouse inventories.

In any case, the shelf units used to equip a warehouse are based on the main type of goods in the inventory and is determined by the prevailing type of storage facilities. For special cases, you will also find shelving for specialised goods that are not able to be stored in accordance with standard specifications and must comply with separate regulations for more specific cases.

May we provide you with advice on the storage product area or are you looking for specific cantilever racking units for heavy loads? Then contact us!

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