Trestles and roller stands

Without stands, jobs can’t be done. In building sites and workshops, trestles, roller stands and mitre saw stands are essential for using a range of power tools safely at waist height. Within our range, we have a selection of designs, all with various features, including all-important height adjustment. Explore our trestles, roller stands and mitre saw stands to find the right one for your commercial space.

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Trestles, roller and mitre saw stands: the right choice for the ideal working posture

Whether sawing or working with heavy parts, like pipes, boards, and panels, trestles and roller stands provide a comfortable support for your employees. They can be adjusted in height for a customised workstation.

What are trestles and industrial roller stands used for?

Typically used in woodworking, roller stands are designed to make handling materials easier. They can be used and positioned in a number of different ways, one of which is horizontally to act as a base for mitre saws. If you’re searching for a trestle or roller stand for your saw or power tool, one of the most important things to consider is durability.

In workshops, trestles and roller stands also function as a versatile workbench, which can be adjusted in height.

Do you need a mitre saw stand?

To function properly, mitre saws don’t require a stand. However, using a mitre saw stand has many advantages, offering more accuracy, safety, and productivity – all of which are key in the workplace.

What size is a standard trestle table?

Trestle tables vary in size, depending on a number of factors, including the manufacturer. Within our range of trestles, roller stands, and mitre saw stands, we have a variety of sizes available.

How can roller stands and trestles improve workflow?

One of the biggest benefits of using trestles and roller stands in your workplace is employee health. They are extremely versatile and customisable. Your employees can work comfortably, without bending, and maintaining an ideal posture when completing a variety of different tasks.

As well as providing comfort, trestles and roller stands can also be used to secure items that roll away easily, like pipes. There’s no need for complicated contraptions; instead, they can be secured and held in place by brackets. When paired with lifting devices and equipment, these items can be placed very easily on trestles.

Ultimately, trestles, roller and metre stands are versatile pieces of equipment, allowing you to carry out a number of different tasks. If you have any questions about our range, contact us today.

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