Bin liners

For straightforward disposal: paper, residual waste, organic waste and heavy waste is easy to dispose of in tear resistant bin liners. The capacity of the bin liners varies, as do the colours in which they are available. In addition, the pull string and waste sack holder make handling particularly easy. Discover the range of bin liners available in the online shop at kaiserkraft!

In the category Bin liners we offer you products of the following brands: Deiss, CEMO, Rubbermaid, VAR, Justrite, Unger, Wolf.

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Bin bags for well-functioning waste disposal

No more room, and nothing more can be done? You'll keep your waste disposal processes proceeding smoothly with bin liners from kaiserkraft and prevent rubbish from piling up.

You'll find that our shop has small sacks for offices and big ones for the warehouse, all-rounders and specialists for heavy goods transport or organic waste. In combination with the matching containers, these are the ideal prerequisites for functional waste disposal.

The right sack for every bin and every drum

With a volume from 6 to more than 1000 litres, our waste bins are suitable for every volume needing to be moved.

We don't just have the right sizes in stock. We also offer you waste sacks and bags made of different materials for the recyclable waste collector in the office, the waste bin in the workshop and the rubbish bin in the warehouse:

  • Tear resistant plastic sacks made of environmentally friendly polyethylene for waste bins in different sizes

  • Organic waste sacks made of paper for compostable waste

  • Extra strong heavy duty waste sacks made of LDPE

  • Sacks for laundry cupboards

  • Aluminium coated special waste sacks for combination waste containers and ashtrays

More information about the differences between recycling bags made of different materials can be found in our Purchasing guide to selecting the right waste sacks.

Accessories for storage and transport

Everything in the bag? Quick binders ensure that it stays there too. Or you can use a wire twister. Twist shut, place the wire loop around the sack, and hook in the wire twister. This all puts a knot to shame.

Of course, you'll also find suitable containers at kaiserkraft for parking our waste sacks. You'll also find litter grabbers and ashtrays, or waste collection trolleys – to ensure that everything at work really does stay in a clean condition.

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