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Towel dispensers do more than make washroom equipment more hygienic. After all, they don’t just dispense paper towels sheet by sheet. You can find paper dispensers, glove dispensers and multifunctional dispensers for washroom equipment right here in our shop and, of course, everything else you need to know in relation to this topic!

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Towel dispensers: a clever sheet-by-sheet strategy

Of course, you could also simply provide paper towels, disposable gloves or other materials required by employees. That said, won’t you and everyone else be better off having paper towels dispensed sheet by sheet by towel dispensers and multifunctional dispensers?

Which towel dispensers are there to choose from?

When we say towel dispensers, we mean various types of paper towel dispensers, glove dispensers and brackets for installation in washrooms and businesses. The most models in highest demand include:

  • Plastic paper hand towel dispensers for the wall and paper towels in zigzag folds or folded into layers

  • Compact paper towel and cleaning cloth dispensers for economical paper dispensing with a centrefeed dispenser

  • Stainless steel paper hand towel dispenser for highly frequented areas and public toilets

  • Dispensers for rolled hand towels with sheet-by-sheet removal for no-contact hygiene

  • Stainless steel wall brackets for boxes of facial tissues and disposable glove dispensers

  • Stainless steel multi-dispensers for PPE, disposable protective clothing, etc.

Which model is the best choice essentially depends on the location, frequency of use, quantity of towels used, and your hygiene requirements. Stainless steel brackets are, in general, a hygienic and robust choice. In fact, they are mandatory in medical areas and similar fields. Plastic, however, is adequate and perfectly appropriate in typical staff washrooms.

Which differences are there in towel removal from towel dispensers?

Much like the advantages and disadvantages of paper towels on rolls compared to single sheets, the corresponding towel dispensers also offer their respective advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before a purchase.

Important: once you have decided on a form, you are deciding for a specific system that must be equipped with the corresponding materials for use. However, a number of towel dispensers can be converted for use with both rolls of towels and folded sheets.

Advantages of towel dispensers with folded sheets

  • They ensure no-contact and hygienic removal

  • They are low maintenance

  • They can be refilled at any time

  • They have a clearly visible fill level indicator

Disadvantages of towel dispensers with folded sheets

  • They must not be filled with too much paper, and the right paper size must be used

  • They must be refilled more often, depending on consumption levels

Advantages of dispensers for rolled hand towels

  • They allow more hands to be dried per roll

  • Dispensers with centrefeed dispensers have a compact design

  • Free choice of sheet length possible

  • They are also very economical as single sheet dispensers

Disadvantages of dispensers for rolled hand towels

  • Refilling only makes sense when the roll has been used up

  • They are often used incorrectly – requiring more maintenance work

If you would rather do without paper altogether, hand dryers are a good alternative, although they require a power supply and they offer fewer installation options than towel dispensers.

Read up on tips for hygiene in the office, cleanliness and tidiness at the workplace and key hygiene measures in companies as well. We will be happy to answer any other questions you have in person at any time – simply contact us.